Sunday, July 7, 2013

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo...

Okay, that's not really the question. I'm definitely doing it.

I'm planning to get a tattoo on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. (as long as pay comes in when I expect it will). It'll likely look like this in terms of font, but will say:
Keep a light, hopeful heart. But expect the worst.

It'll be on the inside of my left forearm and the letters will be between 1/3" and 1/2" tall. What do you think? Give me some advice. Do you think it's too plain? Not embellished enough?

But, there are a few problems with this: a) I'm a freaking chicken and I'm nervous, and b) I found out that getting tattooed will impede my ability to swim when I'm in California. Apparently, submerging a tattoo in water--particularly chlorinated water--makes them fade. If I'm going to pay $120 and sit through a half an hour of pain, then I'm sure the hell not going to swim and risk messing it up.

But, I don't usually have access to a swimming pool. I'll only be there one week, in the heat of the summer, during the week of my 35th birthday, and I want to swim. Maybe I'm being stupid about this. But, I want to swim.

Dumbest. consideration. ever. But still one.

And, I really want to get my tattoo done before I go to California so there's really no right answer. I can either go through with it and not be able to swim, or wait until I get there and try to chose a place, or I'll have to wait until I get back. It's just, the longer I wait the less likely I am to go through with it.

No idea what to do. If I could have afforded to have it done last week, then this wouldn't be a problem. But, that't irrelevant now. I'll also be getting my hair done when I'm in California, having layers cut in and dying the bottom half of my hair either blonde, red, or pink. Still not sure yet. If it'll go blonde, then I'm doing blonde.

So, I have a few big changes planned and I'm not sure of the order I'll do them.