Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anakin & the Coffee Grinder...

Funny story about Anakin.

Matt buys coffee beans and brings them home to grind before he brews. Recently, while he was grinding his coffee beans, Anakin started to howl. He's begun howling every time we use the coffee grinder. It takes him a little bit to work up to it, but it's absolutely hilarious. He hasn't howled since he was a puppy, when we tried to teaching him by howling at him. Now, he hears the grinder and howls, without fail.

Makes us want to grind the beans for no reason other than to hear him howl. We're out right now, but Matt plans to get more when we go to Central Market this week.



  1. That's cute! You should record a video of it!

  2. I just might do that! It's really adorable.

  3. That is SO cute! And random! Wonder what makes him do that?

  4. Perhaps the sound of the coffee grinder made him howl. We also have shih tzu and they are the most adorable pet dogs

  5. I have no idea. He's 8 1/2 years old and he's never done that before. Matt grinds coffee all the time, but he's only just started doing it. It's not scaring him, or hurting him, he just hears it starts to howl at it. It's pretty funny, actually. :)