Thursday, August 29, 2013

On my 35th Birthday (a bit late)...

It occurred to me, while reading my book earlier, that more than a month has passed and I still haven't talked about my birthday, which was particularly lovely this year. I was in California and so got to spend my birthday with my family for the first time in 14 years. That's pretty cool, particularly since I turned 35 this year.

My sister and folks went out of their way to make my birthday really, really nice. Candi made me homemade mac & cheese (my absolute favorite food, hands down and something she makes really, really well) and my mom barbecued chicken. My cousin, Jennifer, came over to spend the day with us and so did my aunt Pam. Considering I hadn't seen Jenny in like 7 years, it was really good to see her. She even brought me butterscotch blondies, which were amazing. Oh, but the best part was the cake and jello shots.

Candi made me the most beautiful birthday cake. It was lemon-blueberry with lemon pudding filling. She topped it all of with homemade buttercream frosting. When she asked me how I wanted it decorated and I said I wanted basket-weave, I had no idea what I was asking for. I watched her apply the basket-weave and, let me tell you, it is detailed and takes a long time. Check this out...

Candi can bake a cake, y'all! They don't just look amazing, they taste amazing. She really worked hard to make my birthday nice--thanks, Candi!!

She also used her mad scrapbooking skills to make me a really nice birthday card and a pink, glittery zebra stripped bookmark. It was that bookmark, which I'm using to keep my place in Story of O, which I'm reading in real-life-honest-to-God-paper-and-ink-book form. Oh, and she got me a subscription to Cooking Light--this month there's mac & cheese on the cover, score! Mom and dad got me a DVD lighthouse documentary box set, which I have absolutely loved. I also got a gift card for Target, which I used online to buy season one of Downton Abbey on DVD.

But really, being with my family for my 35th birthday was really special for me. The only thing that could have made it more-so would have been being with both my family and Matt. Unfortunately, he was at home, but when I got home we stayed at a really cool hotel (Aloft, Las Colinas) and he brought me not one, but three necklaces. They're exactly what I told him I wanted. He's awesome, even though I expected one, not three. :) But, now I have choices.

It was such a nice birthday that it's going to be hard to top it in the future. So nice that I didn't even mind turning 35!! ;)