Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Morning...

I took this photo this morning, with my iPhone, at Bosque River Trail here in Stephenville. It was about 68 degrees out.

Melanie and I decided we'd start walking together again, but since it's too hot in the afternoons, we've decided on the mornings. The only problem with that is the humidity, which literally made me sticky, but it's far more tolerable than heat. This morning, it was so humid, there was a light fog covering the pasture beside the trail. I stopped and snapped a picture. I haven't added any filters, so this is what we saw straight from my phone. So pretty out this morning. Although, by ten o'clock it'll be sweltering--thank goodness cooler (slightly cooler) weather is on the way. We walked 1.4 miles.

Oh, and before I go. In the hours before we went to walk this morning (you'll remember seven o'clock is the end of my day, not the beginning) I managed to write a touch more than two thousand words. I've recorded them over there, on the sidebar. What's better: it's a new project and I feel really, really positive about those words. Not that I think they won't need editing, but I feel good about the tone, rythm, where my story is going so far. All that good stuff.

So far, between writing and getting out to walk, Sunday has been a great day. I hope to have more like it as I work on my new project, go walking regularly with Melanie, and seek counseling for my issues. Things are certainly starting to look up. :)