Monday, October 14, 2013

fat shaming week

I learned today, on Instagram of all places, that some "manosphere" men's rights jerks decided that last week would be "Fat Shaming Week." They took to posting horrible articles on their blogs with titles like "Why Fat Girls Don't Deserve Love" and "5 Reasons Fat People are Evil." Originally, I was going to share the name of the blog that started it all, but I'd rather not liter my blog with that trash. The worst part was that they aimed it all at women. Shaming fat women for having even a shred of self-esteem, calling the body positive and fat positive movements self-entitlement.

No wait, the absolute worst part was that some women post comments on their drivel and actually AGREE with them! Some women post comments about how they work to stay in shape and shouldn't have to share a gender with women who don't. It's sick. I mean, seriously, what is wrong with them? So much for sisterhood and all that crap!

And it's really hard to stay positive and make positive changes after reading things like that. It's like they hate you (without even knowing you) if you happen to be a) a woman, b) fat, c) a woman trying to do something about being fat, d) a woman (did I say that already?). What I don't understand is why. Why do they think they have the right to spew hatred at people who're minding their own business, living their own lives, doing absolutely nothing to harm them? If they don't like fat people, which is ridiculous, then they should just not befriend any.

But they say things like, "I'm out at a restaurant and have to suffer sharing the same space with fatties who're spilling out of their chairs," then go on to describe how that really ruins their appetites. Why should it? Why not just, oh, I don't know, not look at them. Why take the extra steps to actually be disgusted by them? Who does that really hurt?

It makes me wonder if these guys--and the sick in the head women who actually agree with them--realize that this is bigotry. They justify it by saying women are entitled feminazis who bring it upon themselves, but do they realize that justification is weak and wrong? Do they even care? Do they stop to think for one minute how painful it is to be fat? How utterly humiliating it is? Or are they just thinking about how fatties cost more in medical care and how we're a hazard to the beauty of public spaces? Doesn't help that the fucking government has decided being fat (not the health issues associated with being fat) is an actual disease.

It makes me hope that one day karma will come back to bite them in the ass. They deserve it for even thinking the things they're willing to say on the internet, but are too weak to say to a person's face. Do you think they go around talking to people like that? Of course not, but the simple fact that they think it really disturbs me. How many people in a day do I cross paths with that judge me for my size?

I only hope that these jerks are in the minority and that people, in general, are better than that. Unfortunately, I don't believe that. I don't think people are generally good. I think people are judgmental by nature. I'm just thankful that most people can keep their judgments inside. That most of us have an internal mechanism that leads us to understand it's wrong to make such judgments, even though we probably already have.