Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Tomorrow is his birthday. If I told you how old he'll be, he'd have me tarred and feathered. So, my lips are sealed.

He is looking good, though! This was taken on the 8th, he swung by Melanie's after being out and about so that I could see him all dressed up. I laid out his clothes, so I knew what he was wearing, but I certainly wasn't expecting that naked face!

Actually, he shaved his facial hair a few weeks ago and I sorta, kinda got mad at him, which I felt bad about later and had to apologize for having a fit (I totally lost it!). In my defense, he throws a fit about my haircuts. Anyway, he was growing it back, at my request, but he thinks this look is more professional. So, he shaved it again. Doesn't help that the guys at work tell him it makes him look younger. Bah!

Who worries about looking younger when they're only just approaching I mean... 21 (again!!). Ha!

Happy birthday, honey!! I love you!!