Wednesday, October 23, 2013

may need an intervention...

Oh, procrastination...

Remember when I used to play World of Warcraft? Yeah, I quit a while back and every time I think about going back my visceral reaction is "Nah." I can't even summon up enough energy to think about why I should, or shouldn't. I just think of it, my brain clicks over to no-mode, and I move on. But now I have a new video game addiction and, lately, it seems like all I want to do is play hidden object games. You know, those little games you buy at Wal-Mart or Hastings 3 for $9.99? Yeah, those, except when I played all the ones I had in my possession, I started buying them online at sites like Legacy Games and BigFish--mostly the latter.

Day before yesterday--because yesterday I felt like I might die of a migraine--I played them all day long. ALL DAY. They only take between two and a half and four hours to complete in easy mode (much more in harder modes, I'd imagine). I completed four different games, then I went hunting for more like a crazy crack addict looking for a fix. And when I found them, I downloaded them. Okay, not all of them because there are dozens and dozens available.

But, I also learned something. These games come in series and stand alone. They have pretty good story lines, particularly the ones that're based on books--like the Fiction Fixers series, where you go into a story and stop the evil "illiterati" from ruining the story, or the series based on the stores of Edgar Allen Poe or Agatha Christie. Oh, and the cute romance hidden object game from Harlequin, too. They have nice graphics, in some cases amazing graphics, and I feel like they work my brain since they're problem solving.

I also signed up for the BigFish Game Club which allows me to buy games at a discount and which give me free games when I fill my punch card (by buying games, of course). After the free month, I'll probably pay the nominal fee to keep doing so. But now I have to go and see if the ones I got this morning are still downloading or if they're playable. ;)

PS. If I keep this up, keep downloading and playing them at this pace, I'm going to need an intervention. Seriously and soon.


  1. I've never played hidden object games (other than "Where's Waldo" in grade school, but I'm assuming these are more complex?). They sound like TORTURE, LOL, but at least you're doing something that works your brain.

  2. I needed a Skyrim intervention. It literally consumed my life for almost eighteen months. Then one day, I just woke up and said, "STOP IT!" I was getting absolutely nothing done, but man was it ever inspiring. Sometimes when I play now, I get that lovely addiction chill and miss the days when it was all I wanted to do.

  3. No, no, it's not torture... it's awesome! It's also not really like "Where's Waldo." It's more complex than that. Most hidden object games are part puzzle, too. I love them, but they're major procrastination. I could literally play them for days and not care that I hadn't done anything else.

  4. Jenny, that's how it was for me with WoW. I got so, so hooked on it. Except I played it for YEARS and YEARS. I still turn my account on from time to time, but there was a time when it was literally all I did. I barely ate, I just played World of Warcraft. I'd say I probably did that for three or four years, while I was an undergrad. Then, one day, I just couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't sit in front of my computer for eighteen hours a day. So, I quit. Now, when I play, I'm way, way causal. I barely play an hour every few days, but, like you, I have moments where I think about how much fun I had sinking years into the game. The twinges of addiction never really go away completely.

  5. I am reminded of this video I saw about a month ago: