Wednesday, October 30, 2013

nearly nanowrimo...

I'm pretty excited this year. I'm ready, I have a working manuscript (which is technically cheating) and I've done a good bit of planning. I'll have those 50,000 words in November if it kills me!

Okay, that might have been an exaggeration, I've never known writing to kill anyone... unless you count Hemingway, I guess, but technically it wasn't writing that did him in.

Anywho, what was I saying? Oh yeah, NaNoWriMo starts in two days. Yesterday, during writing group with Melanie, I took my iPad and my trusty stylus and got down to planning. I didn't technically write any words toward my manuscript, but I did get a whole lot of pages of planning in and jotted down some things I need to think about, too.

And, rather than killing trees for my note taking, I used my iPad. Helps me keep things organized. I was going to share a page, but then you'd see all my notes. Bah.

Anyway, every year I try to hunt around for new tech and tools that will make the process less hectic.This year, quite by accident, I found an app called Penultimate for my iPad. If you have an iPad, get it. It's awesome. Basically, it allows me to take notes directly on my iPad, in my own handwriting, in multiple colors and with lots of different types of "paper," and best of all the notes I take sync up to Evernote. This allows me to see them anywhere I have access to Evernote. Since I have Evernote on my desktop, MacBook, iPhone, and even my iPad, I can see my planning wherever I happen to be working. Oh, and even if I didn't have Evernote everywhere, I could still see it on the web.

Granted, I can't alter my notes on Evernote, they're read only. But, I can definitely see them. Also, if I update them on Penultimate, they update when Penultimate syncs. So, I have a constant stream of notes. Since I've been using iCloud to write my manuscript (Pages on iCloud to be more specific), It's easier for me to keep up with everything.

Oh, and I can send them to dropbox, too, because Penultimate syncs with dropbox. That way, I have a back-up. I've also started using a service that allows me to email my documents to dropbox, which I do from Pages in iCloud so that I have extra back-ups.

Technology makes me happy. I also worry constantly that I'll lose my work, but since I have so many back-ups, I worry about it less. So yeah, technology makes me happy.

So, with a fair amount of planning behind me (I stopped short of planning everything out because I don't color inside the lines well), I'm looking forward to getting started. I won't count my current word count and will be putting another bar on the sidebar to show what part of my progress is NaNo-specific. I'm not sure if Matt will work on it this year, too, he says he doesn't have any ideas which is absolutely absurd. The man is bursting with good ideas. But, he also works full-time and goes to graduate school. So, time is definitely not on his side.

Either way, I'm going for it. Wish me luck!