Saturday, November 2, 2013

nanowrimo: so far...

Today is the second day of NaNoWriMo and so far, I'm rocking' it!! I'm tracking my progress on my sidebar, separate from my Novel in Progress (sort of). Since I was working on this novel before November, I'm tracking my total progress using the gray tracking bar. The pink tracking bar shows how much of that has been written this month... does that make sense? I guess the only person that really has to get it is me, though, right? Right!

So, yesterday I got out more than 3,400 words, which was awesome. For whatever reason, likely because I haven't worked on this novel every day, I'm struggling a little bit. I'm second guessing myself, wondering if I'm telling to much, hoping it makes sense and that the plot is unfolding in a way that makes sense, isn't too slow or boring, etc. But, I also have an issue where when I know what will happen I worry that it's too transparent. I worry too much, something I'm trying to let go.

Today, I worked on and off, but wrote more than 2,500 words. Not quite as well as yesterday, but still pretty good. I'm well ahead of where they suggest being for day two, so I'm happy with it. Still struggling a little bit, but I'm also having fun with it and I figure whatever I mess up can be fixed in editing, later, because that's what editing is for.

I'm hoping to stay on track and write every day, but at this rate I'll be done well before November is over. Not a bad thing at all. Maybe I can reach for 75,000 original words in November or something like that. That will more than finish my novel, if I can ever stop being so wordy and get to the point. I see a LOT of stuff being cut out later. As is, this draft is going to go on forever!! ;)


  1. Congrats on such a strong start! I have this fear that even once I set my new word count goal to 100K, it's still not going to be enough. My brain is on overdrive trying to think of where I can make cuts. Problem is, I want to keep it ALL, dang it. But I think you're on to something by just getting the story DOWN first, and then worry about cutting/revising later.

  2. You can do it! You got off to a really strong start, and sometimes that is the best way to kickoff this month of madness. Staying ahead of yourself as often as possible is perfect for days like the one you had yesterday, when you do everything you can and you only manage a few hundreds words. You're still on track, and you will kick today's butt so hard, it won't know what hit it!

  3. Thanks, Jodi. I'm with you about the word count, I'm having a hard time getting to the point with mine. So, so much is going to have to go away, or be rewritten, but getting it down is the only way to see where there're weaknesses or problems with my plot. So, I'm trying not to second guess myself too much, even though I have days where I think I'm possibly the worst writer on the planet. :)

  4. Thanks, Jenny. I feel pretty miserable about yesterday, but I'm trying to work past it. I'm thinking today WILL be a better day since I actually woke up thinking about my MS and the next scene I'd like to get done. So, I'm going to skip ahead of the tertiary stuff a bit and write this scene that I woke up working through--make a note to come back to the small stuff, or find a way to cut it out entirely. I'm taking it as a good sign since it's the first time recently that I've actually woken up and my MS is the first thing on my mind.