Thursday, December 19, 2013

a guilty pleasure...

You know it's officially the end of the year when your social media sites start offering to show you a snapshot of your year. You don't even need a calendar, just wait for Facebook and GoodReads to offer you a recap. Facebook was the usual fare, but when I took a peak at GoodReads, I realized two things: First, I don't keep up with it well enough and, second, I'm addicted to romance novels.

It's only showing 19 books for the whole year, which is hilarious, since I read several times that. Maybe my new year's resolution should be to better track my reading? Even if I had, though, it would look just like this... only longer. Because I can't stop reading them. I don't even want to. Historical romance, with it's wonderfully-formulaic reliability, has stolen my heart. And if you're looking for top notch historical romance, I highly recommend Sarah MacLean (start with Nine Rules to Break when Romancing a Rake, Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord, and Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart). Her books are wonderful! I should know, I've read all but one of them.

Or maybe my new year's resolution should be to see help for my romance addiction, because it's not just books. Not even close. I find I'm also addicted to those sappy Christmas romance flicks. You know, the ones on the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, and ABC Family? I never watched them, but this year while I was visiting family in California, my sister got me watching them. Now, I can't stop. I even DVR'd them, though Matt is lodging a protest and refuses to watch. Still, since it's almost Christmas I may press the issue. Just a few more days and he won't have to see them until next year... probably.

And when it's not Christmas, I'm watching rom-coms on Netflixs, the movie channels, or Lifetime. Seriously, if Netflix gave me a year-in-review thing, it would look something like my GoodReads re-cap, only much, much more obsessive. Matt even occasionally records them for me because he knows I love them. Oh, and have I mentioned that I've stopped watching TV shows when they string me along too long? NCIS is a good example. They took way too long to get Tony and Ziva together, then when they did it didn't last long. Or, House, which I stopped watching after he and Cuddy broke up.

It's an obsession. But, at least it's a fairly innocuous obsession. Even if it is a little bit embarrassing. I mean, shouldn't I be reading something with substance? Maybe so, and I do some of that, too, but I've decided that embarrassing or not, I'll stop reading romance (and watching it, too) when I'm dead. Life's too short not to give into this small guilty pleasure. Now, I'm going to read a novel I just got, and yes, it's romance. Good night.