Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas...

I told Matt that in February, for our anniversary, we're having pictures made. Not those go to a photo studio and sit type pictures, but with a real photographer. The kind of photographer that takes you places and takes great photos. Because when I sat down to make our Christmas card this year, there were no pictures of us. There're pictures of me, of our dogs, of Galileo, maybe even one or two of Matt, but nothing of us together. It made me sad, then, as I tried to make it work with what we have, I got mad. Finally, I gave up on trying to include us. Instead, I used a picture of the Christmas tree (from the tree lighting) in Hesperia Civic Plaza Park that I took while I was in California this year.

Next year, there will be pictures for our Christmas card. I don't generally mail out cards, but like to have something for my blog. Maybe this coming year, I'll mail out a physical card with our faces on it. Maybe I'll include one of those smug letters about how awesome we were during the year and how jealous everyone should be... heh. No, really, though, maybe there'll be physical cards and maybe not. But there will be recent pictures of us!

And now that you've heard the story of my Christmas card (kind of), I hope you have a lovely Christmas and, if I'm not back here before then, I hope your new year starts out wonderful!