Friday, January 31, 2014

Oh ffs, FexEx...

Would someone please explain to me what, exactly, I'm supposed to do with this...

This is a picture of a package that was delivered by FedEx this morning (and part of Chewbi's face). It's sitting on the top step, right outside my storm door. Since we don't have a deck, just stairs, when I open the door this package is going to fall 3.5 feet to the ground. Since I'm pretty sure it's the stick vacuum I ordered (though why it would ever need such a big box, I have no idea), punting it to the ground isn't a good idea.

I am sooooooooo pissed.

What's worse, the FedEx guy didn't even knock to see if we were here. It just tossed it onto the steps, which I wouldn't have heard had Ani & Chewbi not had an epic shitfit, barking at the door. And, I can't go out the back door and around because the back door is blocked on the outside by a small tree that the groundskeepers allowed to grow up through my back steps. It's okay, though, since the back door has a bad habit of opening all by it's lonesome. So, not only do we never open that door, we couldn't even if we wanted to.

Which means I have two choices. I can stay trapped in the house while that box sits on the stairs waiting to be stolen or I can risk breaking it. I suppose I could complain to FedEx, but I don't see what good that's going to do. It isn't as though they'll come back and fix this problem. I seriously wish Wal-Mart would allow me to choose a shipper. They have a tendency to ship half my order with UPS and half with FedEx. While our UPS packages always get here without a problem, it isn't the first time I've had a problem with FedEx.

Might just have to stop ordering from Wal-Mart. That should fix any future problems, but won't do a thing for this one. Whatever else I do, even if it doesn't do any good, I think I'll complain to FedEx. They can't be doing this.


  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to the word shitfit! I don't why it is such a hilarious word but it is. I plan on incorporating into as many conversations as I can. And yeah, maybe stop ordering from Wal-Mart. Good luck with that.

  2. Oh man, I always say I'll stop ordering from Wal-Mart but can never manage to stick to it. There's always just one more thing I need/want. lol

  3. See, that picture looks like a good complaint for the Consumerist to me.

  4. I really, really considered it, MC. But, I decided that stressing over arguing with them wouldn't be worth it. So I'm letting it go, which is not at all in my nature.

  5. So... do tell, how did you end up getting the package off the steps? I still would have complained to both them and Walmart...never know when it may do some good, esp w/ the picture to back it up! Love Ya!!

  6. It wasn't terribly heavy, so I scooted it until it tumbled down the stairs. Fortunately, what was inside wasn't really all that breakable and was packed well. I'm so not happy with FedEx and now I've learned that those bastards delivered something I ordered to SOMEONE else at the beginning of January. Thankfully, the shipper agreed to send me another package that now has to be signed for. It was mailed more than a week ago and still isn't here. FexEx's tracking info shows N/A for the delivery date.

    Not. A. Happy. Camper.

  7. Ugh! That happened to Candi too...she ordered something and the postman logged it as delivered to our house, but it was not...I was here all day and the dogs bark when anyone comes anywhere near the porch, so he did NOT deliver it here. I complained and was told to call the person I ordered it from and ask them to resend it!! I was not happy, I told them that the shipper should not have to pay for their mistake. Honestly, I think that the postman either delivered it next door to the creep neighbors who probably just kept it....or the postman decided to keep it himself...either way it was never found and Candi was out the money!! So, we know how you feel about that. I hope yours turns out better than ours did.