Monday, January 20, 2014

Poked and Prodded

It's going to be one of those ridiculously long weeks. You know, the ones you dread the moment you look at your calendar and realize how much you have to do? Yeah, that's this week and it's only just started. Bah! But, once it's over, hopefully things will settle down for a while... maybe? Seriously, universe, I'm talking to you. Chill, okay? I can't handle too much go, go, go before I'm gone, gone, gone! I really shouldn't complain, I suppose, because poor Matt really has it worse.

Last week I decided that I needed to get all of my medical stuff out of the way early this year. So, I called and made appointments for a check-up with the dentist for today, an appointment for my well-woman check up for Friday morning, and an eye exam next Monday. This is the week I get poked and prodded, scraped and puffed at, and everything in between. No fun. It's also been a bit of a headache because I've been having some problems with my doctors. Since I have new insurance, and the kinks are still being worked out, I've had to look for a new doctor and a new dentist.

Well, okay, the dentist thing really isn't because I have new insurance. I just needed to find a dentist that was in-network with my current insurance. I did that, made an appointment and went today. The good news is that after dreading it, because I thought I had broken a tooth, it turns out my teeth are in pretty good shape. I have to have one filling because the tooth I thought I broke lost one. Otherwise, I have to have a deep cleaning, which will be no fun, but I'll be numb and on nitrous. So, no big deal. My appointment is on February 3rd. Then I go back for an orthodontics consult on Feb 24 to see if she can work out the issue with my bottom teeth overlapping--not sure I'll do it, it'll depend what it costs.

The doctor thing, though, has been a pretty big pain in the ass. I got new insurance, which means I had to find a new doctor because it turns out that my doctor (whom I love) isn't in network with my new plan. My fault, I didn't look into it before choosing the plan. Since the new plan is saving us about $190 per month, I'm not complaining. When I got the cards, the doctor listed was someone who isn't even in town, and it was an old man. No and no. Thank you. So, I called Blue Cross Blue Shield and got them to change my PCP to a woman who's in town. But, when I call to make an appointment with her, I find out she isn't in town anymore either. She now works out of the same clinic in De Leon that the first guy works from. It's about a half an hour drive, so I went ahead and made an appointment. A better option than trying to change my PCP again.

So, now I have to see a new doctor, whom I've never met, for my physical. Not at all looking forward to that, especially since I'm particularly sensitive about my weight and since it's embarrassing. Hopefully, she'll turn out to be nice and helpful and can get me back on the pill (which I call my "baby blockers"). Here's hopin'. Oh, and maybe she can recommend (or maybe refer) me to a good therapist. I really think I need to see someone soon.

Then, to make matters worse, I go to Wal-Mart to get some prescriptions and the (really rude) clerk in pharmacy, who clearly wanted to chat with the other girls in pharmacy rather than helping me, refused to take my insurance. They take it, my RX plan has confirmed it, but she tells me that she won't bother checking because the insurance is backlogged on their end and so Wal-Mart isn't taking it yet. Our prescriptions, which usually cost us, like, $6.00 total, cost me $30.00! I was not happy. But when I called my RX plan provider to bitch them out about it, they say there's no problem and that Wal-Mart should be taking it. Time to find a new pharmacy. Maybe Walgreens or CVS?

The only one that was old hat was the eye doctor. Though I don't particularly enjoy it, I also don't really mind going. I always looooovvveee to get new glasses, though, so there's an upside. Though I'm going to have to get both normal glasses and sunglasses, which gets pricey. Especially with two of us. Thankfully, our insurance is good and pays for new frames and such each year. Matt, though, actually hates going to the eye doctor. It's his least favorite, since he's really sensitive about his eyes, and he gives those poor people a really hard time. When he was a kid, an eye doctor told him he was the worst patient he had ever had. Our new eye doctor tells him he has one of the worst astigmatisms he has ever seen. Matt's not eye doc friendly.

Top all of that with the fact that I went back to work last week and I'm pretty tired lately. Matt went back to school last week, too. It's the first semester of his second year of grad school and he's already exhausted. He has a ton of homework already, even though he's only taking two classes, and this is his long week--meaning he works five 12 hour shifts this week (60 hour work week for the win). Both of us are going to be dragging ass by the time this week is done. Wish us luck!