Thursday, February 6, 2014

14 Things About Us on Our 14th Year...

Matt and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day. I can't believe we've been married for 14 years! This is our 14th anniversary on February 14th, 2014. That's a trifecta of 14s... or something like that. So, to celebrate our 14th anniversary, I thought I might share 14 things about us you may not know.

But first, if you're interested in reading about our wedding day, I wrote a post about it on our 10th anniversary.

Okay, so, let's see...

  1. We never had a honeymoon. I'm actually pretty okay with that. I think they're kind of overrated.

  2. Matt has been opening the door for me every single time we get into the car, rain or shine, since the day we met. I don't take that as a slight, I think women who balk at a man willing to open doors is kind of a silly thing. The only times he doesn't open the door is a) when I'm mad at him and storm over there and do it before he can, and b) when I get out of the car, because it doesn't make sense for me to sit in the car while he goes around. Bonus: he also opens doors for old people, and children, and women with strollers.

  3. We don't see eye to eye about what constitutes fun and it's a constant source of tension between us. He hates board games and will only grudgingly play card games. I love both of those things and wish we'd play them more. If we're playing any type of game, he wants it to be a role playing game. Otherwise, he can be quite pouty (don't tell him I told!).

  4. We're both home bodies who would rather spend an evening in than to go out (with the single exception of eating out, of which we are constantly guilty). That said, we do enjoy a night out with friends on occasion.

  5. Matt is incredibly annoyed by my constant attention to my phone. You should see the look on his face when I'm snapping pictures and instagraming. He's beyond perturbed. That hasn't stopped me yet. And, to be fair, I get equally annoyed that he never brings his phone anywhere. What's the stupid thing for?!

  6. We both have a pretty demented sense of humor. I won't go into detail, but when we met in person and we're getting to know one another I said something pretty shocking to him and, rather than doing what most men would have and let me out by the side of the road never to be seen again, he laughed. It's been a little bit of a joke between us these last 15 years.

  7. Even though I'm the one with two degrees in English, Matt is seriously the grammar police in this relationship. He takes particular exception to the uses of less and fewer. In response, I've begun using less when I mean fewer just to annoy him. Also, he once called my favorite grammatical/stylistic device, hyperbole, tacky. Which is basically calling me tacky, since I think hyperbole is the BEST THING EVER. I've not let him forget it.

  8. We can still, after 15 years together, talk about everything for hours on end. It's been this way since we first met in person, when we spent the second day we knew one another sitting outside of a Subway (sandwich shop) talking for, like, 12 hours. We never run out of things to say. As long as we keep this up, we'll never, ever part.

  9. He is incapable of making conversational small talk, while I can make small talk for hours. I can literally talk about nothing until I'm blue in the face. We compliment one another in this regard, but it's a bit it also makes things a little bit difficult. It means when we talk, we talk about things of substance. Always.

  10. He once nearly got into a fist fight with my ex-husband. I later tried to make friends with his ex-girlfriend. Neither thing happened, thank heavens.

  11. We both want to travel overseas, but he wants to go to some places I would never, ever go. I think the one place we can both agree on is Germany. We'd both love to see Freiburg, Germany. So if we ever get to go over there, we're going for the beer and brauts. We may never come back.

  12. I dance around the living room and act like a damn fool, sometimes with Chewbi in my arms and sometimes just because I'm a little nutty, and Matt has the grace not only to not say I look like a damn fool, but also to actually smile and tell me I'm adorable. He's a liar, but it never gets old. Some people seriously lose patience with that sort of thing, but Matt is a paragon of acceptance.

  13. We considered getting married on Leap Day, rather than Valentine's Day, but couldn't exactly decide how celebrating our anniversary would work. So, we opted for Valentine's Day on the millennium. People may think it's corny, but we love it!

  14. Before he met me, Matt didn't believe in marriage. When I met him, I didn't think I'd ever do it again. I thank heavens every day that we changed our minds and got married. It hasn't always been easy, but I can't imagine my life with anyone but him.

Okay, so if you know us you might know some of those things and I probably could have come up with another 14, but that's good for now! I'm just so happy to have him in my life. I can't wait to celebrate the next 14 years!