Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Going to Be a Pioneer!!

I'm having the most wonderful, overwhelming morning because yesterday afternoon I got the most wonderful, overwhelming news. All leaving me, well, wonderfully overwhelmed! ;)

You might remember that my new year's resolution this year was to "take chances when they present themselves, even when I’m afraid, to try to dwell less on things that I cannot control, and to accept the possibility that when things don’t work out it could be a blessing in disguise." I also said that I had taken a leap and that I was waiting for news.

I got the news I was waiting for about the leap I had taken and am now onto the accepting the challenges portion of this new year's resolution.

What the heck am I talking about?

Well, this:
Congratulations, the committee agreed that you should be admitted to the doctoral program unconditionally.  You should hear from the Graduate School in the next week or so.
I applied for the Rhetoric Ph.D program at Texas Woman's University and learned yesterday afternoon that I was accepted. Beginning in the fall, I will be a doctoral student. I'll be both a Texan and a Pioneer. I'm excited and terrified, but more than anything I'm grateful for this opportunity.

I'm only now waiting for the official letter. I've spent the whole morning pouring over their website and the Rhetoric Ph.D Handbook. Looking at their past course offerings and mulling over what they might offer in the future, divined from the course rotation PDF on their website--I want to take everything which is utterly impossible. Contemplating what my doctoral dissertation topic might be, which is actually ludicrous because I won't even be writing a doctoral dissertation for several years. Lots of other work to do first. But I obsess, it's what I do best, so that's what I've been doing. I've also spent some time considering a possible graduate assistantship and whether I could pull that off while continuing to adjunct at Tarleton.

I think I'm going to ask Matt to take me down there so I can take a peek at their campus. It's about an hour and fourty-five minute drive one way (two hours if you skip past Fort Worth entirely), so it's not going to be a short commute once I get started. Since classes are only a few days a week, it's a commute more than worth making, though adding a graduate assistantship to that would certainly make it more cumbersome. I still think it would be worth it to have that experience.

More than anything, I am awed and completely thrilled. I can't wait to get started!

*Image via TWU's Google+ page.


  1. I am so ridiculously excited for you! That is so awesome. I can't wait to hear more about your studies. What an interesting education path. Will it be all forms of communication or will you focus mostly on written communication?

  2. Thank you, Diana! Just like when I was in graduate school for my MA, once the ball gets rolling, I tend to go on and on about it. You might get slightly tired of it after a while. Ha!

    It's a broad collection of discourses, both written and spoken, in Rhetoric. The program explores a whole bunch of different areas, including "the history of rhetoric, composition pedagogy, cultural studies, film studies, religious discourse, and more" (TWU's rhetoric program homepage). I hope that answers the question you were asking.

    I'm so excited, too. I can't wait for August to get here. :)

  3. Congratulations Kristyn! That is SO exciting!

  4. Thank you, Jodi! I'm really very excited!

  5. Wow, congrats! I bet you are SO excited! You are super smart, so I'm sure you will do great! I'm not familiar with that degree...what kind of jobs does it open up for you when you are done?

  6. Thank you, Shannon. I'm pretty nervous, but I'm also really thrilled to be going on with my education. The Rhetoric degree is, somewhat, like an English degree but is quickly becoming the most hireable terminal degree for professors of English. Mostly, those with a Rhetoric degree specialize in the teaching of composition and rhetoric, and working with students with disabilities and remedial students, but they can also teach literature (as the degree has a literature component).

    Working on this degree with allow me to advance my career and seek a professorship, which is a permanent position (rather than adjunct, though sadly many Ph.D's also adjunct) and teach upper division coursework. :) Outside of academic, it will allow me to be more competitive for jobs in non-profits and the like. Hope that explains it!

  7. Yes, that explains it well! I apologize for my ignorance, haha! Thanks for explaining it to me.

    How long is the program? And when do you start? I can relate to a long commute. I was driving to Irvine, so it was about 90 minutes there, but almost 2 hours back. You'll get used to the drive!

  8. That is so exciting! So proud of your amazing accomplishment. I need to remember to be willing to say yes to opportunities despite my fear...

  9. No worries, Shannon. I'm happy to answer questions! I have no idea how long it's going to take, but I start this fall (in August, I'd suppose). We were tossing around the idea of moving up there, but something has come up, so we're not sure now. But, it is a really long commute. I'm happy to make it, though. I'm just so excited!

  10. Thank you, Jenniemarie! It's something I struggle with, too, but I'm working on it. :D This was a pretty big step in the right direction for me.