Monday, February 3, 2014

Tears, Teeth, & Achy Face...

What a cruddy week, so far. I mean, really.

My team lost the Superbowl in what can only be described as "The Great Bronco Slaughter of 2014." Would you believe that when it was over, I was so appalled that I actually laughed...? And then, I cried. A lot. And then I went to bed... and cried some more. A lot more.

And I woke up this morning in a terrible mood. Half my-team-got-ass-kicked-all-over-New-Jersey and half I-get-to-go-to-the-dentist-for-a-full-mouth-deep-cleaning.

Which I did, at noon and it sucked--more than I hoped it would, less than I thought it might. But, it was less painful that what happened to the Broncos last night. But full mouth numbing is so annoying. I mean, have you ever been kissed all over your numb face by an over-zealous furball? I got so freaked out about not really being able to feel anything that I had to make him stop. He was pissed but he got over it.

Of course, he head-splitting, shrill-barked for, like, the next two hours straight. Asshole dog (whom I love with all my heart, btw).

And now my teeth are sore from having 16 numbing injections and a sonic "tool" shoved between my teeth and my gums. Root Scaling = achy face. Really, achy face. But they didn't fill the whole in my tooth where I lost the previous filling. I have to go back and suffer more pain for that. Then I get to go back and have another cleaning check next month.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. Surely it will. This week can't get much worse.


  1. I swear you and I are like synchronized dentist-goers right. First it was the wisdom teeth we both had pulled about a week our two apart (I still shudder at that whole nightmare), and now the fact that I JUST got my teeth deep cleaned last week. I opted out of the numbing though, just because the pain of the procedure seemed more preferable than the hours of dealing with a numb face. My dentist was phenomenal and it turned out to be a good choice.

    I've been calling it the Bronco Slaughter Fest 2014. The 'fest' makes it seem a little happier, right? ;)

    "Head-splitting, shrill barked...." You HAD to write that in there just for me. LOL

  2. Okay, the dentist thing is creeping me out, woman! My experience with my wisdom teeth wasn't nearly as bad as yours, but I would NEVER, EVER have been able to do this deep cleaning without numbing. It wouldn't have happened. I had 16 shots of Novocaine and the gas. I'm a chicken about the dentist.

    LOL @ "fest." I can't seem to bring myself to have enough of a sense of humor about it for that. ;)

    Also, I totally would have put that in there for you, but I'm not sure I didn't write this before I read your post... I can't remember. Maybe not and I totally, subconsciously put that in there for you.

  3. That game was PAINFUL. It was the worst beating I have ever seen. Denver isn't even my team, and I felt like crying for them. It was weird though: When Seattle scored for the safety in the first 10-15 seconds of the game, Jeremy said, "That's it, The Seahawks win." I immediately argued with him over this, but he was convinced that the instant 2 points was the kind of rare freaky thing that can psychologically mess with the players' heads. And I think he was right, because the Broncos just seems like their hearts weren't in it. So sad. I hope you have recovered from this though- I am sure you aren't the only one who shed some tears.
    On the brighter side, did you see the doberhuahua commercial? That was great!

  4. I had a sinking feeling that safety was the nail in the coffin, too, but I wouldn’t say that out loud. lol. And yes, the doberhuahua commercial was awesome! I also liked the Goldieblox commercial to “Girls, get your toys.” I thought the message behind that one was epic. Really good commercial. My least favorite was the Maserati commercial. Like, who puts a commercial on during super bowl with a price point higher than many American’s make in a year. Poor taste, in my humble opinion.

  5. Yeah, you put it there for me. Because any other option would burst my egomaniac-bubble (haha). Although with our synchronized dentist trips, it is very plausible that we both happened to write about yapping dogs around the same time.