Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Lazy Spring Break...

I'm pretty certain that I just had the laziest week ever. Like, the laziest... ever. I did almost nothing all week and it was awesome. Now, though, I feel kind of horrible. I'm stuck in lazy and can't seem to kick back on to work-mode, which is a problem since I'm back to work today. Granted, I only work two days a week (for about five hours each day when I'm not grading and a solid 8-10 when I am), but I need to be able to actually work on those days. I'm starting to believe spring break was created to destroy me and people like me, and students, too, while we're at it since they also seem to be unable to want to get back into the thick of things after a week off in the middle of the semester. It literally makes no sense to me to take a week off right when you've built momentum and gotten into a steady rhythm, but that doesn't make me any less grateful for it, nor any less groggy afterwards.

Yeah so, I pretty much spent the whole week laying on my sofa watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix--and then on Amazon, because I couldn't bear to miss most of season 3. I never was one for partying during spring break, something that has clearly not changed with age. I also spent time gaming with Matt, which was really nice but, as always, very time consuming--it's what we did all day yesterday, too. I used my green dice for St. Patrick's Day...

One day last week we went to Fort Worth to the Kimbell Museum to see the Samurai exhibit. This was actually the highlight of my week, it was absolutely awe inspiring, and I honestly wouldn't mind seeing it again. There were moments I literally just stood and stared at the face masks and weapons. I wish I could have taken pictures, but as with all exhibits on loan, that wasn't allowed. Instead, we bought the book which is also really beautiful and full of information. We also did our usual Fort Worth things, like Red Lobster and Central Market. This was my favorite work from the part of the Kimbell's permanent collection we stopped to see while we were there...

It's a work by James Ensor called "Skeletons Warming Themselves." And, as usual, the slightly morbid look at the human condition has won me over. We didn't see much else from that collection this time, but will see bits and pieces as we see other exhibitions being hosted there.

And Now, speaking of the human condition, I'm at work doing office hours. I'm caught up on my pre-spring break grading, I've planned out my classes for the day, made all the copies I needed for today's class, and am waiting for 1:15 p.m. to get here so I can go to class. I'm sure today will be an exercise in trying to kick myself back into gear, but right now I feel just sort of okay. Hopefully Thursday will be better, but that's questionable partially because right now, Matt's work schedule is all jacked up. His place of employment is changing from 12 hour shifts to 8 hour shifts and things are pretty hectic. When I don't know what his schedule is doing, I have a hard time feeling settled, which is how things have been lately. Unsettled, but slowly getting better.

Oh, on a final note, I got my official acceptance letter from TWU in the mail this last week. I'm so thrilled and getting the letter only cements the whole thing. I'm really going back to school. I'm really going to be a doctoral student. I'm really pursuing my Ph.D. It's so surreal!


  1. Those dice really pop in that photo! It's quite pretty, actually.

    I love the painting. Something about the softer feminine colors paired with the skeletons...it's unexpected. Plus the references to a painter, musician, etc., makes you wonder what message the artist was trying to get across. I love paintings that are a bit unnerving.

    My spring break is next week and I'm crossing my fingers for gorgeous weather because all I want to do is play outside! And do a little slackin' myself.

  2. They're really pretty, the picture captures them okay but they're so much prettier in person. They roll really well, too!

    I loved the painting too, I stood watching it for a while. I couldn't help but feel drawn to it. The colors are so vibrant, which is ironic, I think, considering the subject matter. But, as a somewhat cynical person, images the capture the idea of the human condition really appeal to me.

    I hope you have a nice spring break, Jodi! The weather here has been beautiful during the day, but cold at night. I hope you're able to spend some time playing outside!