Monday, June 9, 2014

A Little Rant about a Bad Date...

This weekend Matt and I went to the Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth, which seems like a long way to drive to see a movie. I justify it by remembering it's actually two movies and going we get the chance to do all of our other fun Fort Worth things like Barnes and Noble, Central Market, and eating out with much more variety than we get in Small Town, Texas. It was actually the second time we've gone in a month, since we had so much fun the first time.

The first time we saw Godzilla and Blended--and had a really, really good time. This weekend we saw A Million Ways to Die in the West and Neighbors. Let me just tell you, this place is awesome!

They have three huge screens, which all afford a view of the skyline of downtown Fort Worth--though as we learned this weekend, not all screens are created equal. There's a stadium complex type thing next door to the theater and the angle of screen two has you looking right into the stadium lights. But, if you lay your seat back (only the passenger seat in our car lays back, so Matt was SoL) you can't see the lights at all so it turned out okay.

Anyway, Matt had worked twelve days straight (10+ hour shifts) and though he was tired we had made plans to go to Fort Worth. Turns out he was much more tired than he thought he would be, so our date was pretty much ruined. I really wish he would just be honest about what he can and can't do so that we can have a nicer time when we go to the Metroplex--this isn't the first time he's slept through pretty much our entire date.

So, he let me drive until we got to the Red Robin in Forth Worth, which is unusual for him because he hates my driving. He slept most of the way there, about an hour, which was fine because he had only gotten about five hours of sleep during the day. He had never had Red Robin before and seemed to enjoy it, he even tried their Blue Moon beer milkshake (which he really liked), but he was groggy and not terribly good dinner conversation. Since I hadn't had it in more than 15 years, I left feeling a little bit like it's too expensive for what it is and that we should have gotten In-N-Out instead. I did buy a bottle of their seasoning salt, though, which is really delicious stuff.

After dinner we got into a little argument, and I say little because we were going to Barnes and Noble which wasn't all that far down the road, so there wasn't much time to get into it. We slogged around B&N for a while, but left when our arms were loaded down with books, three of which were huge hardcovers. After that we were on our way to Central Market, which we both love. Matt's driving at this point and not all that well because he's tired and sore, but we get there okay (with only one near miss, not his fault) and got the usual stuff--coffee, muffins, his high-caf tea, some cheeses we can't find in town.

After Central Market we had about an hour and 45 minutes before the movie started, so we decided to go see the Fort Worth Water Gardens. It's a free water sculpture thing in downtown. With Siri's ridiculous directions it took us longer than it should have to find it because we kept missing our exits (Matt's not all there, remember?) and when we do get there we spent 20 minutes driving around the block looking for parking before Matt gives up and decides we're not going at all. There is no parking for the water gardens so you either have to pay toll parking or parallel park on a side street and walk, neither of which he was willing to do.

Okay, so we headed for the theater, which is also in downtown. Again Siri gave us strange directions (not entirely her fault since DFW is in a constant state of road construction these days) and we ended up on several freeways, in some pretty heavy traffic, and very nearly to the airport which is quite a long way from where we should have been. At this point I'm frustrated and not coping with the traffic and Matt's driving well and have an anxiety attack--the first one I've had in years. It took us another half an hour to get to the theater, where we parked in the worst possible place, as far from the canteen as we could get, and Matt went to sleep while I started reading Stoker's Manuscript, one of the books I had gotten at B&N.

He slept the 40 minutes until A Million Ways to Die in the West started and then he slept through the entire movie. He was really tired, and I get that, we probably should have just stayed home. However, when he falls asleep during movies (almost every movie we've seen at a theater in the last ten years) it makes me irrationally angry. I can't seem to enjoy myself because he basically just paid money to sleep when he could have done that at home. In this case he drove an hour and paid money to fall asleep in the car, which again, he could have done at home.

After the movies, he drove us home but could barely make it as he was falling asleep the whole way. We got out and walked around somewhere between here and Granbury, at a creepy closed gas station in a tiny hole in the wall town. I definitely spent the whole time thinking we were about to get axe murdered and possibly eaten. So when we got home, I expected him to come to bed with me. Nope, he says he's not tired anymore and stays up to do... I have no idea what. I went to bed so pissed.

At this point I feel like he seriously owes me one, especially since he miraculously had no problems staying awake on Saturday when we had planned to, and did, play D&D. I know this makes me sound like a grumpy bitch who has no sympathy for her overworked husband, but that's not at all the case. I have very much sympathy and I appreciate everything he does for me. This, though, is an ongoing problem. When he doesn't particularly care about our plans and he's doing something other than gaming to placate me, he tends to make it as miserable as he possibly can. Whether he's doing it consciously or sub-consciously, I have no idea.

Anyway, I did like both movies (I also liked Godzilla, Blended, and Maleficent all of which I've seen in the last three weeks). I really wish Matt had been awake to see Million Ways since it had been a movie he wanted to see and because he would have loved it. It's really funny, if you enjoy that sort of humor--we do! I suppose I'm just going to have to put this one in the bad dates file, which is apparently not just something that happens to singles, but that you can apparently still have with your husband. I'm sure the next one will be better, we'll just have to plan more carefully and go on the second day he's off, rather than the first.

Now that I've ranted a little bit (all I seem to be able to do lately), I need breakfast and maybe to go back to bed, this rain is making me groggy!


  1. Ohhh, that's such a shame that your date didn't go well! And I wouldn't want to watch a movie by myself either. The whole purpose of going to the movies with someone else is so you can share that experience with that person and talk about the movie afterwards. I feel bad for Matt, having such a rough schedule, but I'll admit that it is a bit suspicious that the mass-exhaustion comes out during the activities that you want to do. I seriously doubt he's doing it consciously, and I definitely don't think he's "faking" his fatigue. I think it's more that when he's doing something he's excited about, like D&D, the pleasure sensors in his brain are all lit and it's enough to keep him more awake and alert...something like that. But yeah, I would definitely plan your next outing to Fort Worth on his second day off.

    Clint has a similarly crappy schedule, but he's the complete opposite of Matt. I can't get that boy to take a nap. He gets moody though when he's tired.

    1. You know, I hadn't considered that his brain might be more alert during activities he wants to do and that's why he's able to stay awake. I don't think he's falling asleep on me on purpose, but it makes me feel bad anyway. So, I told him I want a do-over and soon, and that I wanted it on his second day off so he's well rested. He said, "Okay, then we have to game more!" LOL

      Matt actually sleeps really poorly, which is part of his problem. He's been a very severe insomniac his whole life and, unless he's just exhausted beyond the abililty to stay awake, he's up and around after a few hours of sleep per day. It sort of makes me worry about him, sleep is important. If he's sleeping four hours per day, or whatever, then his quality of life is lower because he's exhausted all the time. I told him he needs to stop waking up so early and stay in bed, go back to sleep. He says he can't, that it doesn't work that way. When he's up, he's up. Poor guy.

  2. I can SO RELATE with Matt in this area. I am such an insomniac. I used to complain about it on my blog, but it just got old because it's almost every night. The problem with me is I have insomnia on both ends. It takes me several hours to fall asleep, and then once I do, the slightest thing can wake me up. And once I'm up, I'm up. There's no off switch. It sucks, but I've kind of adapted to it. About once a week my body is so exhausted that I'll sleep 9-10 hours straight.

    I hope you get that date re-do soon! You deserve it after that fiasco.

    1. Thanks, Jodi. I hope so too!

      Ugh, your sleeping habits sound horrible--sorry. I'm a pretty light sleeper, so I wake up off and on all night also, but I can go to sleep and back to sleep pretty easily. I also have the issue of over sleeping, which sometimes leads to sleep inertia. Still, I'd rather over sleep than under, I think. I sympathize.

  3. By way of introduction, I am the author of Stoker's Manuscript. I wanted to, first, thank you for purchasing my book. And secondly, do hope you enjoy reading it. I had a great time writing it.
    Sorry to hear of your less-than-stellar night out.
    Royce Prouty

    1. It's very nice to meet you, Royce! I'm still reading the book, I should be done tomorrow, and am enjoying it very much. I love vampire stories and this one has certainly kept me up at night!