Monday, June 9, 2014

A Surprising Source of Motivation

The strangest thing happened. I've been pretty low lately (as evidenced by my string of ranty, bitchy posts) and when I get like this I'm not much motivated to do anything. I mostly just lay on the sofa and watch TV while the mess piles up around me. I have zero motivation to clean it up, or even to care that I should be cleaning it up. It's not laziness, though maybe I have a touch of that, too, it's rather a total inability to feel the usual guilt or disgust at how messy things are and at what seems like impossible effort to do anything about it. Add to that my pure, completely irrational resentment at having to clean the house (I'm not much domestic) and things got pretty unruly around here.

Until last week. Sometime last week I started to feel motivated to clean up. I did the dishes, which weren't that bad, and hunted down the missing piece of my new vacuum. I even used it to vacuum the living room. I cleaned under my desk and washed a half-dozen loads of laundry (though they're not all stacked up in my laundry room getting wrinkled and waiting to be hung up). I even contemplated shampooing the carpet, which still needs doing. I convinced Matt to take out a huge pile of boxes that was literally stacked to the ceiling (he got most of them) and the trash. My house is starting to look like normal people live here again... even if it's not true.

Then it dawned on me, the motivation had come from moving my blog. I moved my blog to blogger and discontinued my hosting, got everything in order, and somehow cleaning up my virtual house gave me the motivation to clean up my real house. I have no idea why, but I'm not looking this particular gift horse in the mouth. I'll take motivation wherever I can find it these days and if I can get that from doing blog maintenance then so be it.

Do I understand it? Um, no. Am I grateful that it's given me the drive to do those domestic things that need doing so we don't end up on an episode of hoarders? Yes! And though the house is still not what I'd call clean (not by a long shot), it's at least picked up and in some working order now. More than I can say for the last month or two since the spring semester ended. Heck, I've even been more motivated to blog, to read a really good book rather than just staring at the TV, and to take care of business matters that needed doing. I'll take it.