Tuesday, December 9, 2014

O Christmas Tree...

I have a confession to make... my Christmas tree has been up since Halloween.

Like, I literally took it out of the box and put it up on Halloween. It came in August, and with Matt encouraging me to put it up in the middle of October, I only waited as long as I did because I was self-conscious about having a Christmas tree in my living room before the beginning of November. When Halloween got here, I figured it was close enough.

I let Matt pick the theme this year because for the past two years he's been gracious about our tree being decked out in pink and teal. He never complained about having a pink themed tree, he just smiled and told me it was pretty. This year, he wanted something different which meant going on a hunt for new ornaments. A bigger problem than it sounds since he wanted the theme to be clear, white, and silver. You can't just buy a big ol' tube of white and silver ornaments. You have to buy them individually or in smaller (more expensive) boxes.

I tried to get him allow me to add green ornaments, or some small red accents, but he refused. He wanted what he wanted, so I made it happen. It didn't come out too bad, if I do say so myself...

Terrible iPhonography and mess aside, the tree is really pretty (and not nearly as yellowish as these pics look--thanks terrible lighting!). Matt says it's the prettiest tree we've ever had which I take as a compliment because, well, I shopped for the tree (it's an unlit Treetopia No. 2 Pencil Tree), ornaments, and embellishments. I put it all together. I'm happy with it.

Now Christmas just needs to get here. I'm dying to open those presents. I've been staring at the tree for a month and a half now, it's time for Christmas to get here already.

In the mean time, I've been watching a lot of corny Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime. They're all adorable, if clearly low budget. Well worth a watch if you like fun holiday romance--I try to avoid the sad ones, I can't deal with sad.

So what about you? Is your Christmas tree up? Do you have a theme? The tree at home (at my folks house, is ecclectic which I love but don't have enough ornaments collected to pull that off myself). Whatever the case may be, I hope your Christmas season has been nice so far!


PS. We've discussed it next year, and if Peyton Manning doesn't retire this year, we're going to do a blue and orange Broncos tree. This girl loves the Mann!!


  1. Our Christmas tree went up the day after Thanksgiving, but I am SO not ready for Christmas to get here. So while you're wishing it would get here faster, I'm wishing it would get here sooner. Hopefully the universe listens to me. ;)

    I'm dying laughing that your tree has been up since OCTOBER. But I guess there are crazier quirks out there. One of my coworkers has his Christmas tree hanging upside-down from his ceiling. He keeps it up all year long, and his wife decorates it for all the different holidays.

    Our tree is very electric--it's a collection of ornaments from the time I was little to now, and has everything on there from a sparkly grinning skull ornament to a banana slug. And a hairy 70s vintage tree topper. I love my tree.

    You must do the blue/orange tree next year--love that! Your tree this year looks very pretty, and now you guys have more ornaments to add to your collection.

    Merry (early) Christmas!

  2. When I was growing up, we'd put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. That would be ideal for me, but Matt is pretty insistent. He'd want it to be up all year, were it up to him. He would be happy with a tree for every holiday. For me, that's problematic because it gets dusty. But, he's insisting that it stay up 3 months, which means it'll still be there at the end of January. I figure I'll take it down when I get home from CA.

    I'm a little confused by you saying you want it to come sooner. That seems like the same thing as faster. ;) I think, though, that I know what you mean. With you working full time, and publishing your book, I can see how it would be difficult to really be ready for Christmas.

    I would love to have an eclectic tree. So, you're right, we've collected a lot of ornaments. In a few years, we'll have enough of a mix to do eclectic... maybe. But, I'm definitely doing the blue and orange next year.

    Merry (early) Christmas to you and your family, Jodi!

  3. I meant I want Christmas to come SLOWER. *eye roll*

    (I also said 'electric' when I meant 'eclectic', but you figured that out).

    I think it's so cute that Matt loves having the tree up! I love it when guys get into the holidays because there are som many blase or bah-humbug types out there.

  4. I hadn't noticed the eclectic/electric thing. I think, probably, because they're so similar and I'm dyslexic.

    I think it's cute too. He didn't have a lot of good Christmas's as a child. He says didn't start having good Christmas holidays until we got together, so I try to indulge him. I want him to enjoy the holidays as much as I do. So, if he wants the Christmas tree to be up for 3 months, it's not that much for me to agree. He does a lot for me. :)