Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh, January...

Dispatches from Southern California... Day three: the wild indigenous population of... oh wait, never mind. ;) Eh hem, let me try that again.

Hello from California!

It's January and, as planned, I managed to make it out west to see my family. I'm having a really nice visit, even if my flight here was terrible. And I mean TERRIBLE. Worst flight I've ever been on. The turbulence was seriously gross. I almost lost it on more than one occasion. The whole bumpy ride gave my Dramamine a major work out. Here's hoping the flight home on Saturday isn't as nasty. If it is, I may never get on a plane again.

Anyway, even though it's only January, we've had a seriously HUGE year, so far. Visiting my family is only icing on an already awesome cake. A cake that's going to get even more awesome when we can finally take a bite. Is that vague enough for you? Ha!

At the end of last year, my husband was asked to go on a business trip to Utah. He left January 3rd and was gone through the 17th, so two weeks. Let me just say right now, I was not at all prepared to be alone. In 36 years of life, I had never ever been alone for more than two days at a time. Not when I lived at home, not with my ex-husband, and now not since I've been together with Matt. I had no idea how I would handle it and, as it turns out, I didn't handle it at all well.

In other words, I pretty much did nothing. I sulked for a few days, watched a lot of TV, and generally wiled away the days until he came home. I'm a little bit ashamed of that right there, especially considering I had planned to finish my novel. As it was, I only wrote on one of the 14 days. Though I made 5,000 pretty good words, I was still pretty bummed about not getting it done. Also, my husband was working like a crazy man (like 90 hours a week) while I did nothing. That's pretty ugly, right there.

He had a good trip though and LOVED Utah. It snowed while he was there on two occasions, was densely fog on quite a few others, but overall, he loved it. That's almost more snow in two days than he's ever seen, and was certainly a better quality of snow than we get in Texas. And, the people there really took a liking to him... as if there was any doubt! He came home both tired and pumped about work. He took a week's paid vacation and was back to work last night.

On the job front (for Matt, not for me), there's more good news to share but I can't right now. I may not be able to for a while, but lets just say it's all good news! I'll share when I can.

One week after he came home, it as me who left. By the time January is over, we will have seen one another for about 7 days. That's a bit divergence for us, considering we've never been apart that long. I laughed on our third trip to the airport in as many weeks and told him, "We're quite the jet setters right now, eh? Too bad we're not jetting anywhere together!!" We had a good laugh about that. And, if things go according to plan, there may be more air travel in our future.

So yes, the new year as brought us some pretty big things so far. We may be in for the biggest year of our lives so far. Thank God, we need some change and good tidings right now!