Saturday, January 31, 2015

WIPMarathon #1

Wow, I can't believe it's already the end of January! Where does the time go?! I've been watching my friend Jodi participate in #WIPMarathon for almost a year and decided, in December, that I wanted to jump in. So, this is my first post for #WIPMarathon (Thanks for being so lovely and helping me to get started, Ifeoma and Jodi!!)


A little bit about my work in progress... I've been writing a novel, tentatively called Love's Daughter, for about the last two years. Although, I should probably say on and off for the last two years. I've worked on other projects, but keep coming back to Anna and Rhoman, so I'm working exclusively to finish this one. I'm almost done and am hoping #WIPMarathon will inspire me to finally get there.

As a matter of fact, finishing this story and beginning the next novel in the series is most of my new year's resolution. That's it. That's all I want to do this year. Well, that and finish the novel I started during NaNoWriMo this last year, tentatively called Going Home. 

Here's my (short) synopsis, so far... For Anna Strahm, nothing's more difficult than living up to her mother's reputation. As if it weren't hard enough for an attractive, educated woman to find love, when you're the daughter of the goddess of love, people expect love to fall into your lap -- they also expect you to help love fall into theirs. Sadly, for Anna, not only does she not automatically attract love, she nearly repels it. Every time she's been in love, or something close to it, everything falls apart. For Anna, love is a disaster!

As Anna stumbles upon a guy with promise and things start looking up, reality rears it's ugly head. When her grandfather gives her an impossible ultimatum and her love life falls apart (again), she must find a way to reconcile her family's expectations with her own desires. 

Last report wordcount + chapter count/scene count: 68,107 (8 Chapters with lots of scene breaks)

Current report WC + CC/ SC: 68,107 (8 Chapters with lots of scene breaks)

WIP Issues This Month: I feel really good about the last 5,000 words or so, which is making it hard for me to pick it up again. I know that sounds a little bit strange, but I'm feeling like the next 5,000 or so words have to be equally good, and so on. It's looking like I'm going to have to just power through this little idiosyncrasy. The first draft doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done. But try telling that to my brain.

Four things I learned this month in writing: Hmm, four? Let's see...

1.) I am terrible at being alone (some strong, independent woman I turned out to be. Ha!) which made writing so much more difficult.
2.) I need almost perfect quiet where that wasn't always the case. Trying to write in my folk's living room, with people chatting and the TV on has been tough. I've always liked quiet, but I've only just learned how badly I need it.
3.) I'm afraid to finish. The closer I get to finishing, the harder this thing is becoming.
4.) My chapter lengths/section breaks are pretty terrible. I started looking back at them. So bad and I'm not sure how to fix it.

What distracted me this month while writing: It's been a crazy hectic month. Lots of ups and downs. My husband went away on a business trip for the first two weeks of the month and I struggled to make headway while he was gone. I swear that man is my muse. I wrote a little bit, but not much. Only about 5,000 words for the whole two weeks. When he came home last week, he was on vacation and wanted for us to spend the week together. So, no writing last week. One week after he came home, this week, I flew out to California to see my family. I'll be flying home tomorrow, but no writing this week either. So, not a whole lot of writing done this month.

Goal for next month: I would love to finish this thing, since my word goal is about 85,000. But, I'd be satisfied with 10,000 words.

Last 200 words: He stood, slipping into his black suit coat and smoothing his blue tie. When he got to the door, briefcase him hand, he said, “He has always had a soft spot for her, Anna,” he cocked his brow, “they’ll never be done.” 

“Get out,” I pointed at the door. 

“If you’re interested in those drinks…”

 “I’m not.” 

“It was nice to see you,” he said. 

 “I wish I could say the same,” I said. 

He paused, “Anna?” 

“What?” I tried not to sag, “What do you want?” 

He turned from the door, his look pointed. “Ask him.” 

I didn’t have the heart to ask him what I should be asking. I knew the answer, hearing it from his mouth would have been too much. I just wanted him to leave before I threw something at him. Or worse yet, before I accepted his offer for drinks. He had been nice to me once, but that wasn’t it. It was that I hurt and I couldn’t have Rhomen, and Alexander seemed like the most destructive thing I could possibly do. And right then, I wanted to self-destruct. (190 words)


Sharing is the hardest part for me. I have a really difficult time putting it out there. I'm hoping it will get easier. It'll make it hard to publish if I can't share. :)


  1. Hi! *waves* Welcome aboard! Your WIP sounds fascinating! I'm already wondering why she repels love instead of attracting it, given her heritage. Super cool! I've also found I need quiet, or a consistent sound. TV's and people talking can be too much, so I either go to a place like Panera or Starbucks, where (for the most part) the sound level is consistent, or I throw on a mood-playlist from 8Tracks and use my noise-cancelling headphones. Maybe one of those things can help you, too! 10,000 words is totally doable. Good luck and happy writing! :D

    1. Hi! Thank you for the welcome. I'm thinking, after reading through the comments and suggestions, that maybe sound-cancelling headphones might be a good buy. The sound thing used to be a lot more minor, but for whatever reason it's becoming harder for me to deal with. I appreciate the suggestion. :)

  2. *Waves again!* So glad to have you on board with #wipmarathon!
    I know what you mean about needing absolute quiet when you write. Sometimes, I use headphones to shut out the rest of the world when I can't find some quiet.
    But you can definitely do it!
    Good luck next month! And cheers to achieving all the goals you have set for the year!

    1. Hi there!! Thanks again for all your help this last week, Ifeoma! :D

  3. Welcome to the #wipmarathon! I need quiet to work, or my iPod. I can't work with distracting background noise. Best of luck with your goal next month!

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking it might not hurt to look into getting a nice headset. Right now, all I have is earbuds. Since I struggle to work, even with music playing, the earbuds don't much help. :)

  4. Welcome, welcome! :)
    Interesting concept for your story. You have to finish it! Sharing definitely gets easier. The first time I posted an excerpt, I wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there until I died.

    I'm definitely a stark silence kind of writer. I tried really hard to get over it, but one of the biggest reasons I moved out of my first apartment was the noise. I could almost hear my neighbors breathing. It was so bad. Lol!

    Best wishes for your goals!! We're all rooting for you! ^_^

    1. Thank you for the welcome! I'm hoping to finish soon, but I see a lot of rewrites/edits in my future. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble sharing. It's pretty tough to put yourself out there. I definitely identify with wanting to crawl in a hole. lol

  5. Hi Kristyn! Welcome to the group :)

    The whole idea of the first draft's imperfection is one that's been really hard for me to come to terms with, so I hear you on that completely. But you can do it! Fighting the temptation to go back and read over ANYTHING helps me push forward and just get words down. This WIP around I've learned to not go back to look anything up or check a name or place I can't remember -- I just put XXXX as placeholder and trust myself to sort it out in the revisions. But I'm really a stickler for getting those things nailed down, so I do find it hard!

    Best of luck for February, and see you on the hashtag :)

    1. Hi and thank you!

      I'm glad I'm no the only one who has trouble with first draft imperfections. I really want it to be the best it can be and to make the most sense it can. So when I see something contradictory, I really want to go back and fix it. Tough not to give in to the impulse. :)

  6. I'm a horrible friend you did your first ever WIP Report last week and I wasn't even around to comment!

    Anyway, so glad you're doing this with us! It feels like you should have been a part of this the whole time. And after the excerpt you posted above, I am REALLY excited to read more excerpts from Love's Daughter. So intriguing!

    Totally off topic, but it was so awesome getting to visit with you! My only complaint: We need more time. ;-D


    1. Not at all, Jodi!! You're a great friend, you've just got a lot going on. I get that. I stopped by and read your WIP report earlier today and didn't have time to comment.

      I really had fun doing this, though some parts of it were challenging. Sharing was really, really hard for me, but I managed it and I'm glad to have done so--thank you for the compliment on my excerpt. I met some really awesome people, so it's been doubly nice.

      And yes, off topic, I had a great time visiting with y'all too! I wish we could do it more and that we had more time. Maybe it'll be easier after I move? I'll be a little bit closer anyway. :D