Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Exciting Non-News...

I's not a secret that I'm pretty much in looooooooooove with Jensen Ackles. I adore him, he's an amazing actor, a talented singer, and he's damn gorgeous. He's everything. So, today I'm going to share something that happened (not saying what yet) by sharing my beautiful Jensen Ackles doing a pretty damn accurate impression of my excitement.

But for emphasis, this is how I was feeling (tummy ache and heartburn) before Matt told me...

Then he told me the news and shared with me that he had known for several hours...

I am freaking out... like, seriously. More about this at some point in the next few weeks, as soon as there's more information to share.

I totally just used my exciting day as an excuse to sneak Jensen Ackles into my blog. I just can't help myself.


  1. Wait, I read this three times and still don't get what the news was...?

    1. ROFL... I haven't actually said what the news is. I'm feeling very superstitious (it's getting worse as I get older) and don't want to jinx it. :D