Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Good News...

A week or so back, I posted some non-news with promises to share news when I had some. Well, I have some. And it is awesome. So here goes.

At the beginning of the year my darling husband went to Utah to work for two weeks on a project. A few weeks ago, he was invited back to interview for an open position (this was the non-news, because we didn't know anything yet). He was there for three days and since then we've been waiting to hear back. Today (this was written yesterday), we got word...

Logan, UT
He got the job!!

Which means we're moving to Utah sometime in the very near future--likely, in the next two months. He's so excited for this new opportunity. We're both looking forward to going somewhere new. Doubly so because he says it's really beautiful there.

But, I'm also terrified. I've done this once, I've moved to a new state. When I was almost 21 years old I moved from California to Texas. Back then, I was more adaptable than I am now. I also didn't have much because my ex-husband refused to let me take anything but my clothes and some stuff I'd had before we got married. This is a whole different story.

We have a ton of stuff. There's a whole house worth of junk to get rid of. There's a lot of stuff to pack and not a lot of time to pack it all. Makes me glad I'm not currently working and have the time to devote to it. We also don't have a truck, which means I'm going to have to rent one in order that we can get rid of all the junk that needs to go.

And then there's the fact that in all his years Matt has never lived anywhere but in Texas. While I've experienced a culture change--California and Texas are two distinctly different beasts--he never has. It's going to be something completely new for him. I'm looking forward to it, to seeing how he manages to assimilate to a new place. I think it's going to be awesome. He wants this so much and is so ready for the change, I'm sure he'll thrive there.

So yeah, big news and a big move on the horizon for us. Wish us luck as we try to navigate it without making a mess of things.