Saturday, May 2, 2015

WIP Fail...

Soooo... According to Bradbury, I fail. Okay, maybe I hunted that quote down to support how I'm feeling about myself lately. I have a lot of excuses, namely that I'm moving and that means cleaning. And, cleaning means a LOT of work because my house is a disaster. Not an understatement. Almost a literal disaster. Seriously. Yuck

But, I've already gone on and on about that. This is about writing. Or lack there of. No progress this month, which is really hard for me because I really wanted to get this damn book done. A lot. But, that isn't going to happen for a while. Since we're moving at the end of May, it's going to be a while before we're settled again. And, once we get where we're going, I'm going to have to look for a "real job." So yeah, where writing is concerned. Bradbury got it right, at least for the time being.


  1. I haven't written either, and I don't even have moving as an excuse. *cries a little*

    1. Moving is just ONE of my excuses. I could add the hail storm and several other issues, too, but yeah it all amounts to having gotten nothing done. I feel quite bad about it, actually, because I want to FINISH this MS. Someday, I suppose.