Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Happy New Home...

It's raining tonight. I'm in the living room, watching television, listening to the storm and I feel so grateful. I feel overwhelmingly lucky and cripplingly anxious, all at once. I've gone from seeing this whole thing as scary to seeing it as an adventure. I've rocked back and forth between happy contentment and anxiety that wakes me up at night. It's all so much, but when I stop and just take it in during the quiet moments, all I can feel is happiness. Right now, all I feel is happiness.

Tonight's early evening sun from our back patio. So beautiful.
It's been such a beautiful thing, even though it was one of the harder things we've done together. We've only ever moved any distance once before and then it was only 90 miles. I absolutely love Utah. The people are nice, the landscape is gorgeous, and I'm closer to family. Despite the loneliness, because I don't know anyone here, I'm happy.

Matt has gone out of his way to make this comfortable for me. He's not as lonely, but then he has a job. He has something to do where he can meet new people. I hope to feel that way too, when I find a job. He has been really wonderful about showing me all of the things he likes, or sharing with me the little details he picks up here and there. He's an amazing man.

We've only been here a week, but so far we've tried a handful of restaurants we've never had before. He took me to Kneaders (a local bakery & cafe) where we had the most amazing all you can eat french toast. It is to die for and, for the record, I only had one plate. That was both enough and not enough all at once. We went to the Gardener's Market where we got a handful of locally grown foods. I've spent time learning my way around this adorable town.

Macrons, gouda & gruyere, sausage, fresh spinach, strawberry rhubarb jam, vanilla, and raw honey.
All local, all delicious!!
I don't think there's a place I could be happier. It's everything single thing I want in a place. It's perfect. The only thing that could make it better would be if we could stay here forever and, of course, if everyone I love was here, too. Oh, and maybe if I had some Johnny O's Spudnuts right this instant.

Spudnuts. Soft and delicious. Best donut/spudnut I have ever had. Too good!!