Saturday, June 27, 2015

A long overdue rebranding...

With a new home and a new haircut (okay, so maybe not a totally new haircut), I think I need a new outlook. So, I'm rebranding. Meet my new name: Hesitant, Hopeful. I think it speaks to who I am better than does Pretty Pessimist anymore.

So, what does it mean? Exactly what it says. I'm shy, but looking forward to better things. In almost every way I'm exactly that... hesitant, hopeful.

If it grows on me and I don't come up with a better fit, I'll change my URL. For now, it's a baby step. Just my title. (Update: I got a new domain, but my old one redirects here. So it'll still work).

Since I've been Pretty Pessimist for a long time--since September 2009--it's a big deal for me. But, this isn't my first rebranding. My first blog was called "ya don't say..." and then, later, "Retold." But this isn't that sort of change. When I left those blogs, I completely started over with this one. I have no intentions to start over. This blog has chronicled too many milestones to start over now.

Welcome to the new me, which is pretty much just the old me with a new name. (^.~)