Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Real, Actual Move...

Long winded and written four days ago, but... 

Wow, so much has happened since Matt's graduation! Where do I even begin to begin? Let's just talk about the move, everything else can wait for another time or isn't important. So... the move... yeah... It has been a bit of a fiasco. We laugh and say that if it was perfect it wouldn't be us (the only other choice is to break down into tears).

Last Friday the movers came to pack our things. I had to go to Plano to get my car for the second time (long story), but Matt had taken the day off to be home with them. My day was long and rainy, and I got lost in a scary neighborhood in Fort Worth, and by the time I got home the movers had gone. They didn't pack everything, but most things. Just before I got home Matt learned that the mover wasn't going to be able to move/store our belongings (another long story). This was a problem because it was less than a week before our departure date. Matt was freaking out when I pulled into the drive.

I calmed him down, then scheduled a U-haul and a storage unit. Okay, great, except that we were going to have to spend Memorial Day weekend packing the truck. Saturday morning, when we were supposed to pick up the truck, we changed our mind and hired someone to pack the truck for us on Tuesday. Win, win. They came and did a GREAT job! First crisis averted.

We spent the next two days after that cleaning, throwing things away, and finishing the packing. Moving is a hell of a lot of work. Thank God for Melanie, who came to help me get rid of several truck loads of crap. Only a true friend will help you dump your junk while trudging through almost ankle deep mud. The area between the house and the drive, about 60 feet, is super muddy because of all of the non-stop, torrential rain. So, the move was a muddy one for sure.

The problem with the movers set us back a day, but we finally left on Thursday morning (2 hours later than we had planned). Except instead of going together in one car and sharing the driving, we now had to take our car and a U-haul (which Matt thankfully drove). We had planned to drive straight through, but couldn't with two vehicles, so we stayed in Cortez, CO on Thursday night... after 16.5 hours of driving--or in Matt's case 18.5 hours because Siri rerouted him down the wrong road by almost two hours.

Yesterday we both had a problem getting out of bed. I felt really bad (because I'm getting sick and because I didn't eat much the previous day) and Matt was so tired. After a somewhat late start, though, we got on the road and let me tell you the little bit of Colorado I saw was gorgeous!!! But, honestly, Utah trumps all. It is probably the most beautiful place I've been.

So. Damn. Beautiful.

On the way in we went through Moab, which is where Arches State Park is. It's a pretty huge tourist area, lots of outdoorsy things to do. So beautiful. My favorite thing there, or near there, is Hole in the Rock. We stopped so Matt could have a cigarette and get some gum, but I took a ton of pictures because I loved it so much. Everything down there is so beautiful. I could live among the big red rocks and be happy.

After a long day of driving, we finally arrived in Logan and it could not be more idyllic if it tried. It's so beautiful here and the town is just adorable. I absolutely love it!! We went to the house we're working toward buying. We're going to rent it until our mortgage closes. Our offer has been accepted, but there are some hurdles. If those hurdles don't clear we'll have to find another place. On the up side, we have a rental agreement through July 31, so if it falls through we have time to look for another place.

Unfortunately, though we worked to get them all on the water wasn't on when we got there because the meter is missing from the street.  So, we're in a hotel in Brigham City, about a half an hour outside Logan until Monday. We're hoping to get the water issue resolved by then so that we can move in. If we can't move in then, I'm not sure what we'll do. Our hotel reservation only lasts through Monday.

Today, we left the dogs at the house and the cat locked up at the hotel, and wen't to see Logan. Seeing it in broad daylight, I reiterate what I said before. It is amazing and perfect. I don't want to leave... like, ever. Which is sad and can only make me disappointed because eventually, someday, we're going to have to move again for his job. Most probably somewhere substantially less awesome. Boo! But, for now, we're enjoying living somewhere so pretty.

Or, we will... once it sinks in that we actually LIVE here. Right now, I feel like a tourist. Probably because we're in a hotel. Maybe when Matt's job starts on Monday and the people come to unpack the  U-haul into the storage unit I'll start to feel okay. Maybe. Then again, with as much anxiety as this trip has caused me, it may take longer. I don't know.

What I do know is that we're spending the weekend resting together. After the week we've had, we deserve it!