Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dream a little dream...

I have been having some crazy dreams. They've been pretty harmless, but they make me worry. I don't always dream so colorfully and when I do, I rarely remember it. So, this is a little bit unusual for me, at least in the last ten or so years. It's probably a weird admixture of horror movies and the fact that my life is a little off-kilter lately. 

Two or three nights ago, I dreamt that I was living in a little house up in Smithfield, where I was trapped inside, held hostage by a very large snake. It was some sort of diamondback-rattle-snake-cobra-hybrid-thing. It had eaten all of the mounted animal heads from the walls, which is ridiculous because I would never mount an animal's head on the wall. It was coming after us, and our diabetic cat, and we were trying to figure out how to get out of the house. As an aside, when I say "us" I mean me and my husband... Derek Hough.

The night after that, I dreamt that someone kept stealing the doors from my car. Every time I'd go out to get in it, there would be no doors and I'd have to get them replaced. My car was parked on top of a parking garage, at an angle like it would be in a car commercial. The doors just kept coming up missing. Everything else was accounted for. It was pretty vivid and ridiculous.

When I told Matt I had a dream that I was married to Derek Hough and that that wasn't even the point of the dream, he rolled his eyes. When I told him about my car dream, he laughed. He's always been a vivid dreamer, having really crazy strange dreams, so he finds it amusing. Looking back at it now, maybe it is a little funny. Clearly, I worry too much.