Thursday, March 23, 2017

(Sorta) New Job

I'm alive!! It's tough to put your fingers to the keys when it's been this long. It's hard not to just give up on blogging (or writing) entirely. But, I like to think I'm not a quitter. So here goes... I started a new job a little over 3 months ago.

I left my old job at the end of November and started working a new one in December. It's a clerk job and more physical than anything I've done before, which has been tough and humbling. I sort of expected to be either teaching or working an office job right now, so to have a more physical job is hard both physically and emotionally. I'm working through my issues.

But, it's also been good for me in so, so many ways. Take for instance, I've lost almost 20 lbs since I started in December. While that's slow weight loss, I'll take it. And, I haven't really done anything to lose it except go to work. That's it. I go to work. I eat a little less and I don't sit on my ass all day drinking soda. That's it.

It's actually made me want to try to eat better and do better so that maybe, you know, it keeps coming off. Matt says he notices it, though I really don't, which is nice. He's trying to encourage me, which I'll take. He's sweet.

There have been some down sides, too, though. Like, we don't see one another very much. I work swing shift, Tuesday - Saturday. He works graves, Sunday night - Friday morning. We have different days off and we work different shifts. That amounts to a few hours together on Sunday and Monday and not much else. I don't love that... at all. It does make the time we do have together more precious, though I wish it was more.

I don't think there's really much else right at the moment. I have some other thoughts, but I don't have time right now... I have to go to work.  I feel good having at least I made time for this much, since I haven't been motivated to do much lately--depression is a tough cookie and winter has made it doubly hard. Maybe I can make it a trend and write more. Fingers crossed. :)