Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Lights in Temple Square

In an effort to kick the blues and reconnect with the grateful spirit I've been feeling this year, we went to see the Christmas lights in Salt Lake City's Temple Square. We've gone almost every year since moving here, so it's becoming a sort of Christmas tradition for us. We usually eat Red Lobster, do a little shopping in City Creek Center, see the Macy's windows, and then head over for the lights.

This year didn't go according to plan, which was a bit of a bummer, but it was still nice to see the lights. It was the weekend, so the traffic was insane. We sat for almost 45 minutes in traffic trying negotiate just one city block.After the traffic, it turns out the parking garage under City Creek Center was completely full, so we couldn't park down there. It took us another 20 minutes after that to find parking in a lot two blocks down from Temple Square.

It was cold with a frigid wind, but we walked the two blocks with all the other light-goers. But, by the time we got parking and go to Temple Square it was too late to do any shopping in City Creek Center, which was pretty disappointing. So, Matt didn't get his new ball cap this year and I didn't get to go into the Disney store (you really never can be too old for that place!).

So, rather than navigating across the street and down another block to see the Macy's windows, we turned into Temple Square to see the lights. By this point, rather than feeling better, I was starting to feel worse, missing the shopping and the Macy's windows, after all that traffic. But, Matt held my hand and managed to bring me back to where we were so I could enjoy the lights.

They were just so beautiful, my mood lightened and I began to feel okay. Even with the massive crowd, surprisingly much larger than on Christmas Eve (which is when we usually go), everything was just so beautiful. The trip, which wasn't what we had planned exactly and was far from perfect, still ended up making me feel so much better. Being together with Matt and enjoying our time together, doing something we both enjoyed, it was such a lovely way to end the year.

However you spend it and with whom, I hope your holidays are lovely. In the words of the lovely old song... may your days be merry and bright, y'all!