Friday, March 22, 2019

2019 Veloster N

I went out this morning to get groceries. It was raining and when I turned on my wipers, one of the blades was torn, so I decided to get the car serviced and have them change the wipers. Because I have no idea how to change my wipers, and I needed an oil change anyhow, I drove across town to the Hyundai dealer. The wait was an hour and a half, so I settled in with a book, but the tv in the waiting area was too noisy for me to focus on the book. The news was on, talking about college admissions scandals, so I wandered around a bit. Stopping at the book that has info for each of the models, I flipped through to info about the 2019 Veloster and the 2019 Veloster N.

I scanned the features, checking out both models. Not going to lie, the first time I saw a picture of the new Veloster and Veloster N, I didn't love it. It was so different than mine and change makes me grumpy. But, since then, it's very much grown on me. It's so sleek. So much more aggressive than the older models. When curiosity took me over, I asked one of the sales guys, Jon, if they had one on the lot. Not only did they have one on the lot, they had it inside on the sales floor... where it was dry. Let me tell you, it was love at first site. This car is gorgeous!

I stalked around it, checked out it's features, talked with the sales guy about it. He took a look at my 2014 Veloster and worked on a trade-in quote. He drove my 14 Velo and got some info about how it runs (really well!) and checked the milege (really low!). Then we talked some more about the 19 Velo. We took it for a test drive (he drove, I rode). It's a 6-speed manual transmission and I haven't driven a stick-shift in almost 5 years, since we had the Sunfire.

I told him I'd take it, if they would give me financing. He said it wasn't a problem. About an hour later, I was signing the paperwork. Half an hour after that, I was deciding on gap coverage and a protection coverage package that would seal the undercarriage and scotch guard the seats. Twenty minutes later, I was leaving, in my 14 Velo to go get Matt to sign the paperwork. I also went to get groceries.

When Matt got off work, we went to pick up the 2019 Hyundai Veloster N that I bought today.

Can you see the happiness? I am so happy! This pic does not do this car justice, so here're some more pictures that also don't do it justice. It's raining today, so the pics just aren't great.

This pic and the one below were taken before I bought the car, when it was still on the showroom floor. The lighting in there was okay, but the pics were taken really quick so I could send them to Matt.

After we picked her up, we drove around a little bit while Matt got used to the feel of the clutch. It was still raining and the roads were slick, and everyone and their mothers were getting off work, so I was a little bit nervous the whole ride, but I still had a good time. Then we headed across town to get our favorite for dinner, Maymoes, a cajun food restaurant here in Logan. 

When we got home, I took some more pics...

Side view from both sides (above and below), which is significant because it looks different from the left than from the right. It has a door on the passenger side that doesn't exist on the driver side. 

The color is called Chalk White. Do you see all those red accents and the red brake calipers? *swoon* And that grille, the Veloster N is a turbo, so it's got the turbo grille.

I also got another pic of the back, straight on. I think I said so before but, it's a hatchback. Don't mind the big, dead bush to the left of the pic. We're constantly having to cut that damn thing down and it grows back like a weed (which it probably is).

And since it's raining, I got this cool pic of the N logo on the back...

What's really neat about this car, other than how it looks, is that it's actually powerful. The older Velosters looked great, but they had no power. It was fine for around town, but trying to go over the mountain pass was a rough. This car has a lot of kick. It's also fairly limited edition, they didn't make a ton of them. The dealer said they made only about one per dealer. I got the only one in Cache Valley. I'm so thrilled.

I haven't driven it much. Just pulled it into my garage, but I'm going to spend some time practicing my stick-shift skills in the near future. I hear it's like riding a bike, it comes right back to you. Let's hope so.

The only thing I intended to buy today was groceries. ♥