Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy International Women's Day

FabFitFun sent out this cute graphic to celebrate International Women's Day and posted this quick little writing prompt to celebrate the day. It's so fun, I thought I'd write about it here instead...

I feel most confident when _______.
Women are _______.
My favorite quote: _______.

I feel most confident when... I get everything on my to do list done. When I finish a good book. When I straighten my hair and toss on a touch of makeup. When I'm taking some time out for mindfulness meditation and self-care. When I know I've done a damn good job.

Women are... capable. This seems like a weak adjective, but for me it's most apt. So many inequities for women come down to one single thing, that women are still seen as incapable. Women aren't often found at the highest levels in business, no woman has been president, women are see as less capable and earn less pay. Women are no less able than men. We're strong, independent, and most of all capable.

My favorite quote... there are actually several, but I'll share two with you. Both by strong women writers that I admire.

“Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody. ” - Jane Austen

"Keep a light, hopeful heart, but expect the worst." - Joyce Carol Oates

Finally, to all the strong women in my life, thank you for making me better. To my lovely Grandmother, Wilma, who made the best pie I've ever eaten and who loved me unconditionally. My beautiful mother, Cheryl, who always believed in and loved me, even when she didn't always agree with my choices. And who taught me strength come from within. My sister, Candi, who always makes me smile and blows me away with her creativity.

June 2018
To my amazing college professors, Dr. Mallory Young and Dr. Julie Chappel, without whom I would never have been introduced to some of the strongest women's voices--their's included. Who pushed me to grow in ways I would never have been able to without them, to think critically, and to understand feminism and feminist criticism.

With Dr. Mallory Young, August 2012
To my best friends, Melanie and Amanda, who've been there to cheer for me, listen to me complain, and given me a shoulder to cry on when that was necessary. Both women have show me over and over again that sisterhood doesn't have to be about blood.

Melanie (left) and Amanda (right), both taken in 2018
To my oldest friends, Jodi and Shannon, who've shown me that friendship is as much about wanting to share a connection as it is about sharing common interests. And, who've shown me that forgiveness and understanding can rebuild what might have otherwise been lost.

Oldest picture, ever. Mayra, Julie, Shannon, Jodi, Shannon T, & Me... Maybe 1995?
And to the rest of the very lovely women in my life. Friends who I haven't seen forever like Jenn and Marsha, or the ones I've met online and become friend with, like Phoena, friends from grad school and from jobs over the past few years, you're all amazing.

I love you all. Happy International Women's Day!