Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Treat Your Spouse Like a Ten Year Old... Hilarious.

I was browsing Facebook recently when a meme about tricking your kids into doing chores came across my feed. I usually cackle at these things, then move on. Har har, hide your kids phone charger and make them do chores to find it. Hilarious. But this one caught my eye because the person who posted it suggested it might be applicable to getting your spouse to do chores.

While my husband sucks at helping around the house, and I cannot get him to do chores most of the time, he's also an adult. He's a grown man with a high tolerance for mess. He says he doesn't clean because he doesn't care if the house is a mess. He sees the mess, he just doesn't really give a shit. This is something we go back and forth about because the reality is, if he doesn't do it, I still have to. But, he also does a heck of a lot of other things like working 11-12 hours a day, going out to do errands when I'm feeling lazy--he's actually out getting food right now, as I type this--and plans fun things for us to do together.

But again, he's an adult. It's insulting to suggest that a wife should trick her husband by hiding his phone or charger, or make him play little games to get his things back. That's pretty ridiculous. Do I wish he would be more helpful? Of course, I do! Would I demean him by forcing him to go on a scavenger hunt for his Nintendo Switch? No.

Maybe it was a joke and I have no sense of humor. Or, maybe this sort of humor is degrading to adult humans--both men and women. I just don't find it funny. Somethings tells me treating one's spouse like a ten year old isn't conducive to getting said spouse to see one as an equal life partner deserving of sharing equally in the responsibilities of adulthood. But maybe that's just me.


  1. I take those memes to be a humorous commentary on common problems experienced by married couples (in this case, compelling husbands to clean up their messes). It'd be similar to a meme posted by a man about hiding a woman's credit card to get her to stop shopping. In both cases no one is suggesting anyone actually do these things (I hope), it's simply satire from my perspective--used to point out funny nuances that all married people go through. The whole "Either laugh or cry" dynamic. Instead of crying over the things that drive us crazy, let's laugh about them instead. Without actually seeing the post, your FB friend sounded like she was being playful about the whole thing, not actually implying that we should treat our hubbies like kids. If she WAS being serious though, then yeah, I find that belittling and insulting.

    1. Normally, I would agree with you. The person who posted it, though, meant it in a more literal way. I think she just caught me on a bad day, when I was feeling salty. lol