Saturday, August 31, 2019

World of Warcraft Classic

When I was in college, my best friend's boyfriend started playing this video game. He played it constantly and, eventually, she did too. While hanging around their place one night, I caught sight of this beautifully rendered game and, almost immediately, knew I'd be playing too. I went out and bought it that very night. That was 2005. 14 years later, I am still playing World of Warcraft... off and on.

There've been several expansions, including one that destroyed "Vanilla" as we knew it. The game has evolved quite a lot over the years--it's their 15th anniversary this year--and has sadly become quite a lot easier. The in-game world has been rearranged and so many features of convenience have been introduced that the game literally babies you all the way to level, what is it now, 120? That's twice what it was in vanilla.

It shows you where to do quests, gives you heirloom gear that makes leveling extremely fast, quest items and materials (flowers, mines, etc) sparkle, there is a mount available at level one if you've earned it (which is also extremely easy). The game has a feature that puts you into groups for dungeons, quests, and raids. There's cute things to do like achievements and pet battles. You can dress your character up like a barbie doll. Earning money is ridiculously easy and everything is extremely expensive as a result. It's obscenely easy and thanks to daily quests, you literally never run out of things to do if you don't mind repetition. It's become a bit of a bore, actually.

Then, a few days ago, they managed to fix all of that when Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic. I've been playing it when I have time and, honestly, wow (no pun intended)... it is a serious blast from the past. There're no mechanics to baby you along, no special gear to make leveling easy, no easy ways to earn a fortune like there are in the regular game. Mobs tap when you hit them, so jerks constantly steal your kills, just like the old days. There's no raid finder or easy way to get into dungeon groups. There are no auction houses in every city, no salons to change your character's look, and no in game storage system that saves your pets.You have to pay for training at every level and nothing automatically updates.

The game is in tact, the way it should be, as it was before the Cataclysm expansion killed it. I absolutely love it and the nostalgia I'm feeling playing it is unreal. And, Blizzard did a good deed by making the game free if you subscribe to the regular, overly simplified, monster World of Warcraft has become. I love it, because while I have very little interest in playing the game as it is now, I'm extremely interested in playing the game as it was when I started in 2005. They've given us back something they sort of killed and, honestly, it's perfect.

Thank you, Blizzard, for not fucking this up. Thank you for giving us our game back, you have my undying gratitude... okay, that might be a little dramatic. But seriously, World of Warcraft Classic is surprisingly well done. Now, I'm off to play some more because it's almost 11pm and I've had two Venti coffees in the last couple of hours. Thanks to Blizzard, I have something quite fun to do while not blinking for the new little bit. 😄


  1. So much YES! We started playing WOW 14 years ago at the Burning Crusades expansion, and all of the updates to the game in the past decade have made it so dull. I loved the days where you actually had to read the quests and figure out where to go. Sometimes it was grueling, but it made it feel so real. I told my family a couple years ago when I quit the game for good that "I used to feel like I was living out a real-life epic fantasy story, and now I feel like I'm doing nothing more than following gold arrows and chasing down sparkly stuff." BORING. So when we found out WOW Classic was coming back, we were ecstatic. And it's been amazing. I'm only at a level 11 because I get lost easily and waste a lot of time, but damn it I earned those 11 levels! :) Though to be fair I keep getting derailed by self-inflicted quests, like I decided I wanted to play in the dwarf starting area (even though I'm a night elf and I don't know dwarf territory AT ALL) so I could eventually have a ram as my mount, so as a level one I ran the whole length of Corpse Road (or whatever it's called--all I know is I died a million times). Then today I was tired of seeing every single hunter in dwarf territory with the same pet (primarily bears) so I decided to run all the way into Horde territory to nab myself a t-rex. I have a feeling I'm going to be a low level dweller for a looooong time because I do way too much playing around.

    I'll be honest though--I really do miss the salon. I hate the hair I chose for my night elf and I'm like "Really, I'm stuck with this forever?"

    How'd you enjoy that 'You're number 1,367 in queue," btw? ;)

    1. P.S. When I first logged into the starting area on the day of release, someone asked how old everyone was. Almost all of the players were from their thirties to forties, with one or two even in their fifties. It was pretty funny. This was all the peeps who had started playing the game in their late teens and twenties, and fifteen years later were ecstatic to have their original game back.

    2. The same thing happened on my server! Would you happen to be on Old Blanchy? That's where I'm at and first day they were asking in general how old everyone was and almost everyone was thirties and forties!

    3. Oh, my server on WoW classic isn't too bad. I've never had queue issues, so that's awesome!

  2. I'm on Bloodsail Buccaneers. It must have been a common question! You were lucky to not have any queue issues. I know the lines to 'get in' on day 1 were crazy-long across a variety of servers because within hours of the game's release there were already memes online poking fun at the issue.