Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fall is Coming... Thank Goodness

I'm having a bit of a rough week and have been feeling quite emotionally drained. I had an interview for a job that I'm very qualified for, but due to my horrid social skills, I didn't score a second round interview. I like the job I currently have, so I'm trying not to let it get me down. But, that's not going as well as you might imagine. The ever-present depression is creeping in to take me over again, I can feel it, but I'm trying to push back.

In an effort to put the shitty week behind me, I've been trying to perk myself up with reminders that now that it's September... fall is coming. The Pumpkin Spice Latte (and the new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews, too) came back earlier than ever this year, football season starts next week, and in the next month it's going to begin to cool down. Everything is going to turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, and soon, I won't even remember this horrible, rotten, no good week.

That's honestly helping a little bit. Fall is my favorite season. I look forward to the end of summer every year and don't even mind that fall is the gateway to winter. Everything about fall makes me happy. Everything. In fact, I love pumpkin spice so much, I got a t-shirt to declare my undying allegiance for the tasty squash and spices. It came this week and looks great on me, so that's a win from my otherwise gloomy week. Well, that and I've had two venti Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews and a PSL in the last two days, so that helps with my mood a bit, too.

It really, truly cannot come soon enough. I can only hold the gloom back so long before it breaks my will and I fall into the encouraging depressive void. Fingers cross fall gets here first.

Fall 2018


  1. Sorry about the interview Kristyn. :-(

    Fall is my favorite season too. October Glories and Autumn Blaze Maple trees run rampant up where I live, and their fiery colors are just stunning. But even down in the desert I love fall. The weather is calmer with less wind/dust and perfect temps. I think on some level that's why I chose to center the first Chasing Echoes book on the sister who represents fall.

    Oh, and my birthday (as you know) happens to be the first day of fall! Well, technically it alternates between the 22nd and 23rd, but it still counts. ;)

    Here's hoping that autumn reaches you well-before those blues come back!

    1. Thanks, Jodi. It's okay, it's pretty much my own fault. I suck at interviewing. ♥

      I really think the fall is everyone's favorite season. Well, not my boss, he hates it because it means winter is coming, but everyone else loves it! I absolutely agree about the desert, I loved fall even when I didn't live somewhere with traditional seasons.

      Your birthday is the same day as my mom's. The first day of fall is a great birthday!