Monday, October 7, 2019

Fall in Logan Canyon

One of our favorite things to do each fall is take a drive up into Logan Canyon. I'm not a huge fan of canyon roads, but I enjoy going up there to see the fall foliage. It also ways turns fall in the canyons before the valley, so it's a fun thing to do together. This year, we didn't go very far into the canyon because by the time I was off work Saturday we were starting to lose light. Even still, it was such a lovely way to spend an early fall, early Saturday evening.

Even though the sun was low in the sky by the time we got up there, I love the way the trees look in the late afternoon light. None of the pictures I took have any filters applied, just a tiny up tune on the contrast to make up for the pics looking a little bit washed out by my phone's camera. The differences in color have to do with the position of the light when the pics were taken.

All the trees have these lovely red and orange leaves that really stand out against the dark rock cliff sides. These two pics were taken along Highway 89, about seven miles into the Canyon from Logan. The weather up there was cool, but not cold. I was wearing flip flops and a hoodie, and was pretty comfortable. The sky was blue with some breezy clouds. It was absolutely perfect!

Everyone takes pictures of their booted feet in the leaves for a fall vibe, but I'm not much of a boots person. So, it's flip flops in the leaves for me.

We pulled over at one of the little day use areas along the highway to take a little walk. Even Matt, who isn't much for nature or nature walks, enjoyed the leaves and the pretty afternoon crispness. The little trail goes all the way down to the side of the Logan River. The water was absolutely freezing, so I didn't step in.

There are three or so picnic tables along the little path which was almost completely covered in leaves. Isn't it gorgeous?! If it had been up to me, I'd have sat and soaked up the lovely weather until we completely lost light. Matt's not that patient, though, so we kept walking.

I did try to make him stop and take a selfie with me. This is always how it goes. We never manage to get one with both of us looking good or smiling. He always either looks away or makes a face. When I look okay, he looks like this. When he looks great, I look like crap. So here's the compromise picture. He looks like a serial killer while I'm trying to smile and look like this angle isn't seriously twisting my neck at an unnatural angle.

At the end of the little path, it climbs up hill just slightly, and there's a spooky little road blocked off by a locked bar. I wanted to climb over the bar to take a pic up this little road, and also of the river, but Matt wouldn't let me. He's not much of a rebel anymore. I should have done it anyway!

And of course, headed back, I had to get a picture of my car. This one does have a filter, which is why it's a little less bright than the others. I even managed to get a shot of Matt in there. If we had taken the Jeep, rather than my car, I think we would have gone further up the canyon. For whatever reason, I feel more comfortable up there in his car. Maybe I'll talk him into going again!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ringing in the Fall with Jill Tracy

It's fall in Utah! Okay, so, it's fall everywhere... but fall in Utah is just lovely. It's always been my favorite season, but since moving here I've found a whole new appreciation for the season.

It goes without saying, I'm all in on fall over here. I've been indulging in all the usual fall faire (baking, planning a drive to see the leaves, drinking way too many pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cream cold brews, watching all the football, sucking down way too much cocoa and coffee, and cozying up in my sweaters and socks, etc.). But one of the less conventional ways I ring in the fall is absolutely bingeing on Jill Tracy. Ab-so-lute-ly bingeing all day, every day.

While I love her aesthetic all year, in the fall it's so much more festive. Her music is just so delightfully spooky and, well, feels like fall to me...

All day while I work, I listen to her on Youtube. I've got a play list where she's intermixed with my other favorites. I mean, if we can have Christmas music, why not fall music?!

Happy fall, y'all! I hope wherever you are, your fall season is as lovely as ours has been so far. I'll make sure to share if I get some lovely pictures of our drive through the canyon this weekend!