Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Making an Actual Investment

I've decided (yet again) that I need to work on my health. I could stand to lose some weight, but more than anything I'm not really getting any younger and I'm in horrible shape. So, one of my resolutions for the new year is going to be to invest in myself... lose some weight and build endurance, improve my health.

To do that, I decided I would seek motivation by making an actual investment, rather than relying on a sort of abstract motivation. I mean, I suck at self-motivation and I tend to give up on physical activity or eating well when they become hard. Zero willpower to resist the junk food and sitting on my ass in front of the TV or computer.

So this year, as we approach a new year, the actual investment we made in ourselves looks like this...

For the record, riding this thing is way, way harder than it looks. It came yesterday, I put my cycling shoes together, and took my first ride last night. I choose a 10 minute scenic ride and, I'm a little ashamed to say, I didn't make it through the whole thing without breaks.

I'm working on trying to eat better, too, because this I feel like it will make exercise easier if I can take some weight off. First day, but I think I'm doing pretty well so far. It hasn't been without temptation, there's ice cream in my freezer, but I'm taking it hour by hour.

I don't have a lot to say about the bike so far, except that it's pretty uncomfortable. The seat seriously hurts your ass, which I knew to expect because many of the online reviews mention it--I ordered a gel seat cover, so hopefully that'll help. I'm sure after I've ridden it longer, I'll have plenty to say. For now, the only thing I have to say is that it's hard so wish me luck as I try to build some endurance and get in better shape.


  1. Clint and I started rowing recently on a lovely, wood trimmed rowing machine that we bought (used) from a dude down the hill. We use a VR app that makes you feel like you're rowing through various places in the world. The app makes a huge impact; it instantly doubled my rowing time and tripled Clint's. So seeing that screen on your bike, I'm hoping it's the same effect?

    I hope your resolve to invest in yourself sticks, because it's truly a great one. I'll be rooting for you.
    (She says with brownie stuffed in her mouth) (Sorry, I suck, but I really am rooting for you).

    1. Yes! The scenic rides are my favorite and they really keep me motivated to keep going. The worst part of the bike is sitting on the seat, which kills my ass!

      Is rowing hard? I've always been interesting in trying that, but wonder if it's difficult. Do you wear a VR headset when you're riding it? If so, do you feel disoriented when you're done rowing and take the headset off?

    2. If I'd just scrolled back enough I'd have commented on the correct entry. Enjoy the Peloton! I'm excited for you!

      Sorry about the pain in the ass, you'll get used to it but that's little consolation now. I would be complaining too! I hope once it hurts less, you really have fun with it.

      If you need a cheerleader to help you with your new resolution, you can email me (phoena at gmail - I was too lazy to log out of my other gmail to reply here with that email). I worry about similar health issues -- getting into better shape, eating healthier, etc., so I've been eating differently and more mindfully the last couple of years. I try to avoid processed foods and sugars and sweetners, but I know that's not going to work for everyone.

      My husband doesn't always want to eat the same things as me which is frustrating, but I find ways to manage or else make him make his own dinner. Having an instapot helps as well as a panini maker (a grilled-cheese sandwich maker so he can make hot sandwiches for his dinner on days I don't want to cook twice). I got an air fryer for Christmas so hopefully I'll find some good and healthy recipes to do with that.

      I ate too much sweets over the holiday, though, so I'm back to "detoxing" from the sugar high and I'm cranky as hell, but I'll feel better in a few days!!

      I won't ramble too much, but email me if you need ideas or cheerleading! Much love and luck!

    3. I'll let you know how I like it. So far, I've had it for two weeks and I haven't ridden it with enough consistency, so that's something I'm working on. The seat is still brutally painful, but less than the first time and I think with consistency it'll get better. I got gel seat and if anything, that made it worse. So, I've been sitting on a pillow while I ride and so far, that's helping me get through the whole workout. I'm thinking I'll get a pair of padded cycling shorts, that should help too.

      The thing also requires special shoes to ride it (expensive special shoes!) and a membership (also expensive). I like to joke the shoes clip you into the bike so you can't escape. Ha!

      I'm seriously going to email you and you can tell me how you like the air fryer. Wait till you see the post I have coming in a couple of days about the changes we're making to our diet. Insane! I kind of want an air fryer, but I'm on the fence about shelling out the money.

      I feel you on the crankiness. I was so depressed one day last week that I didn't even make dinner. I also didn't eat dinner, even though I was absolutely ravenous! I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm heavy on the drama some days!

      I miss chatting with you, so I'm gonna toss you an email soon and we can catch up!! ♥