Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Almost Trade-In

In a fit of practicality, I thought this last week about trading my sporty hatchback for a small SUV. I went so far as to look for one that would be the right fit, check the trade value on my car, and talk with Matt about what he thought. For the record, he thought it was an awful idea and he talked me out of it. Thank fuck he knows me well enough to know when I'm being insane and call me out on it... nicely. I just wanted him to play devil's advocate. I already knew all the reasons I shouldn't trade my car, I just needed someone willing to let me bounce all the reasons it might be a good idea and then tell me why not. He's amazing at this, by the way. 

The thing is, I love my car and he knows itBeing a Veloster owner is almost a part of my identity and has been since Matt bought me my first Veloster on 4th of July weekend, 2014. The car suits me perfectly, but isn't the easiest car to drive all the time. It's not suited to handle winter without prep work (winter tires) and since it sits only 5" off the ground it's not that easy to get it in and out of some parking lots without scraping the underside. It's not a lazy driver, if that makes sense. With a 6 speed manual transmission, it's not driven passively. But, I still love it.

The reasons I was considering trading it are complicated. The car isn't practical under any circumstances. It's a toy, something fun and sporty, but not really what you would expect an almost 42 year old woman to be driving. And, I'm not driving it that much. In a year, I've only put 2,300 miles on it, which is almost nothing. It's so low that our dealer has refused to change the oil twice because I don't have enough mileage. One of the guys in our dealer's service department made a snide remark about how I don't drive it enough to enjoy it.

But, I've dropped into a sort of depressed funk lately that's making me doubt whether I deserve fun and sporty. Which, makes no sense, and I know that. But, I still feel it. So, I looked for a car I could almost straight trade for, a high end 2018 Kona with a lot of the features my car doesn't have, like an automatic transmission, heated seats, and a moon roof. Consolation prize features to make me feel better about trading a car I love for something less. But, I couldn't bring myself to go much further than window shopping because even in a brain fog, I can still see enough to know I would regret it.

So instead, I took the Veloster out of the garage yesterday and showed it some TLC. Do you know that when I was a kid, washing my parents car was my favorite "chore." We always had such a good time playing in the soap and water. Turns out as an adult, hand-washing your car is actually work! It's the first time I've hand-washed it since buying it at the end of March 2019. I also scheduled an appointment for my windows to be tinted and am looking at a set of wheels to replace my stock wheels. I absolutely do deserve this car which, by the way, is actually paid off in full. If I'm going to drive a toy, I'm going to play a little bit of dress up along the way.

Soapy - 5/8/2020
PS. I am 100% aware that this post is full of crazy. Welcome to the inside of my head. :\


  1. Your car is adorable! And sexy, too. I strongly dislike sports cars (for myself) because I hate the feeling of being low to the ground while driving. Being higher on the road in say, an SUV, gives me a better visual of the road in front of me and makes me feel like I have more control. But I can see why other people like sporty cars. And if you don't have kids and stuff to tote around, why not?

    1. Thank you!! I absolutely love it. It's 100% my personality and so the idea that I would ever trade it is ludicrous. But, I have these awful moments, ya know? But this sort of car is one of the perks of being without children, for sure! :D

      I feel what you're saying about driving an SUV. When I drive the Jeep, I feel so safe being up that high off the ground. I really enjoy it. But, I could never drive a bigger car. I would constantly hit things, rub curbs, struggle to park. LOL

    2. I feel your pain with big cars! We used to have a Dodge Ram, and I drove it exactly once when I got stuck in a tiny parking lot and couldn't get out. I had to call Clint to come bail me out. So embarrassing! After that I never drove that truck again.

    3. Is it wrong that I giggled at the story about your Dodge Ram? I would be in the exact same position. They're doing a little bit of construction where Matt works and I parked my little hatchback in a tight space next to the construction trailer (in a dead end). Because their parking lot is already super narrow, I had a hell of a time getting out of that spot/parking lot. I cannot imagine trying to get a truck out of there. But a lot of the folks around here drive trucks. I can't even begin to imagine it.

      That parking lot is so narrow that once Matt's Jeep Renegade was the victim of a hit and run there. Another employee, who we think drives a white truck, hit him and didn't leave a note or anything. Since he doesn't really know when it happened, he wasn't able to find out who it was. Hilariously, Matt didn't even notice his car had been hit until I mentioned it. He's kind of oblivious!

    4. One more quick (semi-related) story: I accidentally bumped into a car in a parking lot several years ago and left a note on the windshield. The owner of the car called me that evening to discuss the situation, and I realized her voice sounded familiar. Long story short - the woman turned out to be my coworker! It was SO embarrassing. But in the end I was happy that I did the right thing and left a note since it was someone I knew. :)