Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Diamond Painting

I made a joke at the beginning of the quarantine that I was feeling self-conscious because, unlike everyone else, I hadn't taken up a new hobby during the lock-down. A few of my friends took up, or went back to, painting. Others took up gardening. I didn't really have anything new, unless you count diamond painting, but that's not a real hobby... right? Um, I'm an idiot.

As it turns out, it is absolutely a real hobby and I am completely hooked! No exaggeration here. I have become a diamond painting junkie almost over night. I bought a few kits from Paint Gems and reluctantly sat down to see if I had the patience to lift and stick thousands of tiny square "drills" down onto the sticky canvas. I thought I would hate it--or lose patience--and put it away. Yeah, no. Not only did that not happen, I actually completed both kits I'd ordered from Paint Gems and ordered a few more from other sources. I may have gone a little crazy... 

Then I realized I didn't have anywhere to actually do the diamond painting. I don't have a kitchen table (or even anywhere to put one) and the desk in my office isn't really enough space for me to both work and do a hobby. Soooo... I bought myself a drafting-style desk, the kind that has the tilt top. But, then I also needed a chair. Since I wanted to be able to do this hobby in the same space where Matt is, I found a little corner of my living room to set it up. Matt helped me put the table together and I put the chair together.

As I got started, I discovered I needed/wanted some things: storage boxes for the drills (little diamonds), a roller, a straightener, baggies to store the left over drills, more diamond painting kits, a desk light, light pad, did I mention more diamond painting kits, drill pens for actually doing the diamond painting because the ones in the kits are crap, scented wax for my pens, little scissors (I had those), washi tape, labels, large binder clips, a place to store the finished paintings that might someday be framed, a cover minder or two and, of course, mooorrrreeee diiiiaammmoonnndd pppaaaiiiinntttinngg kiiittttss!!!!

I even got crafy and made myself cover-minders rather than buying them online. Cover minders hold the cover back so it doesn't flop back onto the canvas and some of them are a little pricy. So, I got a few little flowers and buttons, some magnets, and glue and made my own. 

Starting this new hobby, I learned that I have no restraint. I kind of knew it, but this has really proven to be eye opening. As it turns out, when I pick up a new hobby that I actually enjoy, I kind of go all out. Like, I jump in with both feet and go a little crazy. Or, maybe, a lot crazy. Right about now, I have like 20 un-started kits with like 5 or 6 more on the way or pre-ordered. I'm a diamond paintingaholic and I'm actually completely fine with it. I've even taken up watching diamond painting youtubers. As strange as it sounds, there's actually a lot to know about diamond painting!

This particular hobby may be painful on my bank account, but is excellent for my mental well-being. I've discovered that it soothes my anxiety and has helped as I work through my grief over losing Chewi. It's been a really constructive way to deal with all the shit this year has been heaping on us. So, I'm completely happy to deal with the little bit of a dent it's making in my wallet. It's a fair trade for even a little bit of the peace of mind it's bringing me. Restraint be damned! ♥