Saturday, October 24, 2020

Pumpkin Spice Vegan

Matt and I have been vegan for just about 10 months now!! How crazy is that? When I say it like that, it doesn't sound like much, but man it feels like I have learned so much about food and myself in that short 10 months, it's been wild. The most surprising part, I think, is how completely good we are being vegan. We generally don't miss the foods we gave up to go vegan and it's been kind of shocking to me that we actually feel that way. And Matt has absolutely been a rockstar this last 10 months, very unapologetic even though working in a cheese processing plant means he's entrenched by the enemy... *eh hem* I mean, um, even though he's surrounded by temptation.

I won't lie, though, and say there haven't been moments I've been less enthusiastic. They're so rare, but I would be a liar if I said I wasn't super salty about not being able to be basic this year and have my Pumpkin Spice Latte like everyone else. Even more so since Starbucks has introduced a dairy-free pumpkin spice syrup in Europe, so they can have their vegan PSLs and I can't. Boo-fucking-whoo!! I told Matt I was breaking out the full Victorian widow's weeds, complete with lace veil and gloves, to mourn the loss of my pumpkins spice lattes days. He wasn't really amused. 

So, instead of breaking out the black garb, I've found a way to make up for the fact that most pumpkin spice products aren't vegan by finding some that are and kinda sorta buying all of them. I'm a little obsessed with fall, which has only gotten worse since we've moved somewhere with all the lovely seasons. Fall in Northern Utah is a sight to behold, for sure. Sooooo, I'm in the mood for pumpkin food! And, that rhymes. Great... yeah, I've found myself some vegan pumpkin spice goodness and so far I haven't been disappointed.

And, since winter is coming soon, we also found vegan nogs. Seems a little early for that, but we're getting a head start by trying all of those, too. I wonder if they make a vegan pumpkin spice nog?! That would be amazing!! Um, what was I saying... Oh yeah, we bought three different ones: Silk Nog, Almond Breeze Nog, and So Delicious Coconut Nog. We're having a nog-off and, despite Matt's rooting for the Coconut Nog, the Almond Nog is the clear standout. It's leagues ahead of it's competitors. It's smooth and thick, and tastes exactly like egg nog.

I suppose the moral of this particular story is that we can still eat anything damn thing we want!! The few moments I spent feeling deprived when I couldn't have my PSL have now been filled up by so much good vegan food that it completely passed without much more thought. I got silk pumpkin spice creamer and pumpkin spice ground coffee and made my own pumpkin spice goodness. It's just so amazing to me how easy it is to choose an alternative to the standard American diet these days. You want something that's not vegan? Find it somewhere or make it vegan, easy as that. Want pumpkin spice foods, go get some!! Want egg nog, there're three vegan varieties and those are just the ones we were able to find at Smiths (Kroger) one Saturday afternoon in October. 

Most of all, we're so proud of the choice we've made for ourselves. Matt's health has dramatically improved and I would imagine mine has too, because I feel better, but I haven't gone to the doctor in like 7 years so I have no proof. Best of all, nothing is truly off limits, you just have to figure out how to make it happen which, it turns out, is easier than it sounds. ♥