Thursday, November 19, 2020

New Furniture!

We got our new furniture around the end of last month! I mentioned in a previous post we were getting a new sofa and chairs. Well, we also decided to splurge get a new bed. But man, what a fiasco getting new furniture and getting rid of the old furniture turned out to be. I'm not the most logistically minded person, so the anxiety of organizing all of that was real. But, thankfully, it's done and we're enjoying it, even if it was seriously work.

I ordered our new sofa on September 4th and it was delivered October 26th, about 7 weeks wait. But, it's custom and so beautifully built that I was more than willing to wait. I'm not patient, I've never been good at waiting for what I want, so this is a feat for me. It turns out I'm okay waiting for those things worth waiting for. This sofa has been on my radar for 10 years, I've always wanted it but never been able to bring myself to pay so much for a sofa, especially with dogs. Now that it's here, I could not be happier.

I ordered new recliners from Ashley around about the same time. When I ordered, they told me the wait was about 6 weeks. Okay, our new couch wasn't coming right away, so there was wiggle room. But, I needed them within that window because I needed to get all of this stuff hauled away at the same time. The day my chairs were set to be delivered, they left me a very rude message about delays. When I reached out to them, they told me the wait was another month at least and they couldn't guarantee when I would actually get the chairs. Okay, no. This was not going to work for me, I told them that, and they told me to deal with it. I cancelled that order.

After that, I ordered from another company and had a similar experience. In the end, I got so fed up, I ordered Ashley Brand chairs from Big Lots. They were here within two days. This was a good thing and a bad thing. They're nice chairs, very comfy and they look great, but they're not exactly what I had planned to order. They also cost me about half what the other chairs had been going to cost, which is actually a good thing. We've never been that easy on furniture, so the likelihood that these chairs will start to look awful in the next five or so years is high. We only paid $500 for both chairs. That makes them very affordably replaceable.

While we waited for all of that living room furniture, Matt decided he also wanted to get a new bed. But this time he wanted to get a really good bed. We bought Purple Harmony pillows a few months ago and we absolutely love them, so when we were trying to choose a bed we decided on the Queen size Purple Hybrid Premier with 4" gel grid. This bed was pricy, we got the Purple bed foundation, and they gave us free sheets.

We got Queen, rather than King, because all our bedding is Queen and because we don't feel like we need that much space. We're comfortable in a Queen. Let me tell you, this bed is absolutely amazing. When we first got it, I wasn't completely sure because it's much more springy than our previous bed had been. It's also a little softer. But, this bed is heavenly. We're both getting better nights sleep and let me just say, the stretch sheets they make for that bed are so soft and perfect. We're very pleased with this thing. 

But, it comes rolled up in a log and that bed is crazy heavy. It took both of us to lift it into the house and even then we only barely got it done. It was 200+ lbs of dead weight. When it came, I was working, but Matt was so excided that he moved the old bed into the garage by himself, put the new bed frame together, and with my help we got the new mattress out of the packaging and on to the frame... barely. It is one seriously heavy bed

When all the new furniture was set to be delivered, we took all the old furniture into the garage along with some other things we had around, like two broken oscillating fans, a set of plastic dog stairs Ani was always scared to use, stuff like that. Our plan had been to take it all to the curb for bulk pick up. But, just getting it into the garage was a fiasco. We actually had to take some of the legs off the old sofa to get it out of here. So, we ended up paying a local company to haul it all away. That guy was so nice and did such an amazing job getting all that stuff out of the garage within 30 minutes of giving me the quote. I was floored by how fast his crew worked and how polite he was.

Okay!! Let me show you our new sofa. The color is Key Largo Ruby, the style is mid-century modern. I got the "I love you/I Know" pillows from Amazon a couple of years ago when my in-laws were coming to visit. Don't mind the mess on the entertainment center, I had to move a book shelf out of the way so they could bring the sofa in, so all the stuff from that shelf is stacked up there. On the other side of the sofa is my diamond painting work station. 😊

At the end of the day, we have a house full of new furniture and we couldn't be happier about our decision to give our house a little makeover!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

46 & Madam Vice President

Thank fuck...😅