Thursday, May 6, 2021

2020 Hyundai Kona

Sooooo... you know how I got a new car in March 2019? One I didn't need, but that I had really wanted? Yeah, um, I traded that car last week. It's kind of a long story, but let's sum it up like this: The Veloster N was just sitting in my garage. In two years, I had only put 2,730 miles on the thing. It was time to suck it up, face the truth about why I wasn't driving it, and do something that would make it easier for me to get out of the house more. So, after talking to Matt who was as supportive as he could be, I did just that.

The thing is, I loved the 2019 Veloster N, but I realized that part of the reason it was just sitting in the garage undriven was that I wasn't terribly comfortable driving it... which, let me say, was a really hard for me to admit. I used to love to drive a manual, but over the years it's become something I'm not as comfortable doing. I don't have good coordination to start with and it's gotten worse as I've gotten older. Between my ears and my depth perception, I'm just not as coordinated as I used to be. So, when I'd go out, I'd find myself avoiding certain routes so I didn't end up on a hill (not easy around here, by the way!) and not being able to take certain exits/entrances into parking lots because the car sat too close to the ground. What's worse, I would avoid going out at all because that car wasn't easy to drive and it was causing me unnecessary anxiety. And let's not even talk about how I didn't go out all winter because, thanks to the car sitting very low and the sports tires, it couldn't handle the ice and snow, at all. 

So, I had been seeing, for a while, on the Veloster Facebook group that Carvana was offering a lot for the Veloster N's. When I got my quote from them, I was completely astonished. They wanted to give me $26,500, only a few thousand less than I paid for the car two years ago. So, I started the process to sell it to them so I could get into a Hyundai Kona. During this time, while my sale with Carvana was pending, I talked with the salesman who sold me the Veloster to see what they had on their lot because, though it had originally been my intention to buy from Carvana, I wanted to see about buying the new car locally instead. He convinced me to bring the Veloster in to them and, through some discussion that I won't go into here, I ended up trading the Veloster to them for a 2020 Kona Limited on their lot.

To say I love this car would be an understatement... I LOVE THIS CAR. It's a bright, shiny green and has all the bells and whistles I've been missing the last few years. It's a an automatic with a turbo engine, has heated leather seats, a sun/moonroof, and so many other cool features, I'm so stoked. The mirror on this car has a RF button that will open my garage door. Goodbye ugly garage door opening clicker! Best of all, it's very easy to drive, in that it drives a lot like my 2014 Veloster did, except that it's larger and sits up higher. It's a small SUV (smaller than Matt's small Jeep), but it's big enough that I feel safe, which is important. Best of all, I feel comfortable enough driving it that I'm going out more and not hesitating to leave the house because of my car. I am thrilled!