Tuesday, October 19, 2021

I Broke My Leg...

What on Earth? I cannot believe it's been so long since I've been here. My summer has just flown by and things don't really seem to be slowing down. I would say that's because I got a job, but that's not really it at the moment. Though, I am loving my new job teaching English comp to community college students online. But, the real issue right now is my broken leg. 

Yeah, so the Saturday before last, I fell down the bedroom stairs. There's only three steps, but it's still a remarkably long fall when you take my height (5'5") into account. I'm not tall, but adding that to the two and a half feet of stairs, and it's a spill. This is not the first time I've fallen down those stairs. It's the second time, just this year! But, I normally don't hurt myself quite so severely. The last time, for example, I got a few bruises and lost a toe nail.

This time was different. I was looking at my phone and took a spill down the stairs, which caused my right leg to snap back underneath me. I heard a snapping/popping/cracking sound and slid down the stairs on my leg. This caused a hell of a lot of pain, much more than usual. I cannot even believe I have to say "much more than usual"... that's how often I'm falling down these stupid stairs. Yeah, so I sat on the ground for a few minutes trying to figure out what I'd messed up and it seemed like my ankle, but I managed to get up off the floor and over to the bed, so I figured it was just sprained. 

I waited six days to go to the doctor, y'all. SIX DAMN DAYS! By the time I went to the doctor, the pain was pretty bad and getting worse. But, I couldn't really have gone sooner. You see, Matt wasn't home on the first day or the second day. After that it was awful weather, like, it snowed in October here. The real issue, though, was that I could hardly walk and there's a huge muddy ditch in front of my house thanks to the city doing road work to install curbs, sidewalks, and park strips. They've been doing that for a month, or so they say. They've basically dug a HUGE ditch in front of my house and left it that way. They're not even working on it most days. So, to go out to Instacare, I had to trek across this almost 3' wide muddy pit. This was not fun! 

So, they took x-rays and the x-ray tech was like... "Daaaannnngggg... I can see why it's not feeling better!" But y'all know those guys can't tell you anything. I asked if it was bad, he agreed it was, but that's all. He did say, "You must be one tough lady to deal with this for a week before coming in here." Um, yeah. I'm generally not, but sometimes I can be stubborn. Never underestimate the power of stubborn. The doctor finally came back and confirmed it's broken in two places. He says I'll probably need surgery and gave me the number for an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon. But, that guy is on vacation for two weeks. 

They gave me a walking boot (which doesn't fit my huge calves very well) and told me to get crutches. The doctor said I don't have to wear the boot at night while I'm in bed. So, I've been spending as much time in bed as possible so I don't have to wear the boot. I know it's bad, but I absolutely hate the stupid thing. It's uncomfortable and hurts my foot. So, I've probably worn it about half the time. I'll ask the doc about it when I see him this week.

You see, tomorrow I'm going to brave the damn muddy ditch to go see a doctor for a consult. A sports medicine doctor (not my first choice at all!), but he should be able to tell me if it's going to need surgery or what the next steps will be... yay. I would have rather seen the guy who's on vacation, but what can you do? I would imagine it's going to need surgery because the bone is slightly displaced. To say I'm scared about that possibility is an understatement. 

So, I suppose the moral of this story is this: Don't try walking down the stairs while looking at your phone. That's a new rule in our house, so says Matt, who has been heckling me about how I got this broken leg for a week now. He's even told his co-workers about his wife would broke a leg looking at her phone. At least someone's getting some good mileage out of this.  As for me... I'm in a WHOLE mood about it.