Monday, November 15, 2021

3 Weeks Post-Op

Tomorrow has been 3 weeks since my open reduction, internal fixation ankle surgery and I'm still in pain, which is a little bit surprising to me. I know it takes longer than 3 weeks for a bone to heal and my leg has to heal around the 10 screws the doc drove into my bone, but I'm a little concerned about the continued ache that doesn't seem to be improving much day-by-day. With that said, the pain is actually so bearable that I'm not even taking Tylenol for it at this point. So, that's a blessing.

My little sister went home on Saturday, so it's just me and Matt again, but he's doing such an amazing job helping me. He's even taken Friday (11/19) off work to take me to my next orthopedist appointment. They're going to take out the 31 staples and give me a removable splint, so I'm pretty excited for that appointment. Scared, too, about the pain, but excited. I think that some of the continued pain I'm feeling is actually the staples, so the sooner they go the better. By that appointment, those staples will have been in my leg 24 days.

I also still have little zings of pain here and there, little twitches and stabs. I read that's normal and my doctor didn't seem too concerned about that, so I'm trying not to worry about it. One of the biggest problems I'm continuing to have is the painful skin on the top of my foot which is not at all improving, but seems to be worsening. My doc says it's the packing, which I absolutely believe. With the staples out and the removable splint, I'm hoping that I can put some lotion on my foot and start the healing there. My skin is so dry on the top of my foot it's white, cracking, and flaking. It's pretty gross.

Overall, I'm trying to keep everything in perspective but being in constant pain for the last 6 weeks since I broke is has been tough on my mental health (thank goodness for the Fluoxetine!). I'm just looking forward to the day it's no longer hurting, until them I'm hanging in there.