Monday, January 3, 2022

A Little Gratitude For 2021

In the spirit of my New Year's resolution (take every day with gratitude and not take the small things for granted), I got to thinking about the things I was thankful for in 2021. I wrote briefly about the year and what a dumpster fire it was, but there were several really high points that I don't want to take for granted as we embark on 2022. Especially because, by in large, the year was really hard and I don't want to carry all that negative energy into the new year.

  1. Eilistraee and Selune came into our lives in February. They're so skittish, but also so sweet.
  2. We had our 21st wedding anniversary in February.
  3. We've been lucky enough not to contract COVID, though Matt has been exposed several times.
  4. We were fortunate enough to get our COVID-19 vaccines, and Matt was able to be boosted in November. I'm going for mine tomorrow.
  5. I got a new job adjunct teaching comp at a community college in Arkansas (online).
  6. I broke my leg, but I learned so much about my own strength. I learned how strong I can really be.
  7. Breaking my leg has brought me and Matt closer. He's taken such good, loving care of me though this whole ordeal. He's an amazing husband who has shown me so much love and support.
  8. My sister came to visit. That was so lovely, she really lifted my spirits after having surgery.
  9. I read more than 50 books this year, before the broken leg derailed me.
  10. Other than a broken leg, I'm in great health. 
With all these positives from 2021, I'm hoping to bring good energy into the new year. I go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I can toss the CAM walking boot (figuratively) and get back into my own shoes. Even hopefully drive again. That would be a great way to start 2022!