Tuesday, January 4, 2022

In My Own Shoes

Today, I'm grateful for standing on my own two feet, for the care of Dr. Rigby, the great doctor who put me back together, and for being mobile enough to finally get my COVID booster. Being whole and mobile is truly a blessing I won't take for granted anymore, however painful the process of getting there has been.

I went to my 10 week surgical follow-up today. They took 3 standing x-rays and my doctor was so happy with how I'm healing. I've been limping around with the boot for almost a month, using my walker for balance on occasion, even when I was full weight bearing, and trying to make progress. Today, that work paid off. I'm in a soft ankle brace and my own shoes! 

The brace only barely fits in my shoes, but I got it done and squeezed my foot into the damn tennis shoe. I walked out of the hospital today, after visiting rehabilitation to set up physical therapy and be fitted for a brace, on my own. I felt wobbly but I did it, and what's better is that I can drive again as soon as Matt is comfortable that I can do so. I am tired from the COVID booster, but I'm stoked!