Sunday, January 16, 2022

Walking, Driving, and Physical Therapy

It turns out learning to be comfortable walking again is kind of a big deal. I mentioned before that I'm back in my own shoes, for which I am still amazingly grateful. Not having to wear that CAM Walker boot is so fantastic. But, the brace I have to wear on my foot right now isn't the most comfortable, even though I've given up wearing it with ACE wraps and started wearing a compression sock. My right shoe is so dang tight, but it's still better than the boot. 

The best thing right now is that Matt took me out driving and it turns out that I can absolutely drive again. I got the husband seal of approval, so I've been driving myself to do errands and to my physical therapy, which I started last week Tuesday. The physical therapist did a little evaluation and gave me some exercises to do at home. Our medical group even has an app specifically for physical therapy so the therapist can assign me exercises and see my progress. It's pretty neat. 

I've also been doing aquatic physical therapy, which has been so great and so exhausting. Not gonna lie, y'all, I was honestly a little uncomfortable when I found out I would be doing aquatic therapy because wearing a bathing suit is a big old no go. But, my mom told me about swim leggings (I got them on Amazon) and that has helped tremendously. I can wear them in the pool and feel comfortable to do my exercises, rather than feeling self-conscious about my fat legs.

The aquatic therapy is about 50 minutes per session and while I'm in the pool I feel fine. They have individual pools with a treadmill, which is pretty dang cool and means I have the whole little pool to myself. One really neat thing about it is that there are cameras in the pool, so I can see my legs and so can the therapy assistant helping with my therapy. So, I still have to look at my fat legs, but I'm getting used to it. Afterwards, I can feel that I worked out and I am soooo tired. I've done just two sessions and it's been pretty helpful so far. I have three more sessions to go, at the least, which I think will continue to be a huge help as I learn to move my foot naturally again. It's even inspired me to maybe look into doing water aerobics in the summer... maybe.

For now, I'm walking again, even if I'm limping a bit. It's getting better every day and I can start to go back to living my life without much pain. I can't stand very long without getting tired and I can't completely step without a little bit of discomfort, but I'm getting there. I think it's going pretty dang well, especially knowing that it will probably be the end of October before I'm completely back to normal. I'm crushing it!