Monday, February 21, 2022

Celebrating Our 22nd Anniversary

We had an amazing anniversary this year, even though it didn't go completely to plan. While that's not been the case every year, for this reason or that, this year was so lovely. We've been 22 years married this year and almost 23 years together. It's unbelievable that it's been so long, I have no idea where the years have gone. Our relationship has evolved so much and we're still happy together, and I'm grateful for that because it's so much more than many people get.

On Monday, Valentine's Day (and our actual anniversary), we put together a casual, sentimental day. We took a short day-trip while we listened to Verve Pipe's 'Freshman' and Cake's 'Fashion Nugget,' had In-N-Out for lunch, and went to Barnes & Noble. Then, we came home to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show and had Subway for dinner. While that may sound like a super low-key way to spend our anniversary, there is a sentimental reason behind each of those choices. It's a bit too much to explain, but all those things go back to the beginning of our relationship. We had a great time!

On Wednesday we had a more formal anniversary day planned. We were going to go to The Leonardo Museum of Creativity and Innovation in Salt Lake City and see two interactive exhibits: Van Gogh 360 and Monet to Kandinsky. Then we were going to go to City Creek Center, Le Madeleine (a French bakery), and then Red Lobster for dinner. It would have been amazing. But, it wasn't... because a snow storm made sure we couldn't go. In the middle of February, a pretty heavy snowstorm from Logan all the way to Lehi (south of SLC) made road conditions not worth chancing. And, we're out $120 for the museum tickets, because they're non-refundable (Grrr!!).

So, we went out to breakfast and then spent the day at home, watching the snow out the windows until it cleared up around early evening. You know, just in time for our days plans to be too little, too late. I was so bummed. I really wanted that day, to go do something fun together, and we didn't get that because of the stupid weather. But, we were safe and together, and I couldn't really ask for more than that. And, on Friday we went down to Layton (about a 45 minute drive) and had Red Lobster to make up for our missed dinner on Wednesday. That was so nice and a great way to just spend a little time together. We really enjoyed it.

All in all, this year's anniversary was a success, hiccups and all!