Sunday, June 26, 2022

All the things...

It's been rough around here, y'all. Things haven't been going according to plan (loooooooong story) and I'm a little frazzled lately, to say the least. I mentioned before that our AC was dead. Well, we got that fixed. Only to have it run for one week and die again, along with two surge bars inside the house. All my lights started to flicker and the "brand new meter" the city just installed without notifying me was making a buzzing, crackling racket. Let me tell you, that is NOT what you want to hear coming out of your meter.

So, since the AC wouldn't work... again, I called them back out here. Then I called for an electrician. Turns out the electricity overloaded the AC, which they fixed. The electricity problem turned out to be a loose ground wire in the meter base. The electrician our home warranty sent us told the home warranty that the problem was code upgrades, so they won't  pay for it to be replaced. Since it's $1,800 we won't be paying to replace it either, but since they were out here and tightened up those wires, everything is working fine again. Seems the city workers knocked the dang wire loose and caused us a bunch of problems. Seems like the city might be able to compel us to do it, but they haven't yet. Fingers crossed they don't. 

The other stuff is job application related and, well, I don't really want to talk about it. Oh, and my folks came to visit us earlier this month, which was awesome (more on that later), and I'm now on a diet that's supposed to fix my digestive issues (TMI, sorry). The one bit of good news is that I was able to go out and walk, alone, for the first time since my broken leg. I was only able to walk like 1.7 miles, but that feels like progress. So, life's just dandy.